I’m updating an article I wrote four years ago when The Violet Fog launched.

It’s about EGG YOLKS as a face mask. Yes– single ingredient, nothing else, done at home, easy-peezy…. EGG YOLKS.

I’ve practiced this for four years so to say my ass is used to putting EGGS on my face is accurate. I’m so over the “gross” sensation of putting eggs on my face. It’s really no big deal to me now! I just love the effects of it.

If you’ve read VF for awhile, you know that I think 99% of the skincare out there is a scam. Or overpriced. I FIRMLY BELIEVE that understanding ingredients is key. I also FIRMLY BELIEVE that you don’t need to spend a shit ton of money to have healthy, glowing skin.

If you bought yourself a dozen of organic, free-range eggs… and used ONE of these eggs to make a mask (one egg can be used for two people!) you are looking at the cost of around $0.50 cents a mask. BAM!!!!! That’s bang for your buck!

SOMETHING TO NOTE: I do NOT believe in store bought products that have “egg yolk extract” within it. I believe this is too chemically processed to retain the nutrients of the egg and also, during this process the smell of the egg once it’s done is very ripe and yucky so these brands have to HEAVILY perfume the product to make it pleasing. NO THANKS to fragrance in my skincare!!

ANOTHER THING TO NOTE: Egg YOLKS are moisturzing, Egg WHITES tighten. I prefer the yolk because anytime I’ve done the whites it’s just too too tight on the skin and it was quite difficult to wash off and I don’t believe in scrubbing the F*CK out of your skin. But both have tons of benefits!

Egg yolk mask benefits


PROTEIN: This is abundant in both parts of the egg and acts as a building block for your skin. Protein ON the skin is something we don’t often get. We get it through our diets, and it’s not AS beneficial topical… but guess what? Still beneficial none the less! I like to attack from both angles.

VITAMIN A: I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I talk about vitamin A a lot. (Read about rosehip seed oil and apricot oil– they have tons of vitamin A) It is THEE most anti-aging vitamin and it’s highly renewing for skin! Egg yolks have a bunch of Vitamin A in them! Your skin looks as though it has come to life after this mask and vitamin A is why.

B VITAMINS: Egg yolk has a ton of B vitamins which are great for protecting skin and treating inflammation. B2 is especially great for fighting off free radicals (these damage your liver and BELIEVE ME the liver and skin is very much connected!) B3 has been studied to show it helps a lot of inflammation, especially common skin conditions and rashes. (Side note but nothing to worry about because the amount is so small: too much B12 CAN cause breakouts!)

ZINC: Zinc is known to help treat acne and pimples. Dig deep on the internet and you will see that a lot of people use egg masks for this reason- to help with acne.


You literally just crack open the egg and seperate the whites and yolk. Whip up the yolk a bit and then spread it all over your skin. One egg is enough for two people or two uses (You can store it and use it the next day. I wouldn’t let it sit for more than 24 hours though.) Leave it on for 10 minutes. I don’t like longer than 10 minutes but you do you! Definitely no longer than 15. Rinse it off with warm water!

WARNING: The risk of egg yolk masks is that if it gets into ANY orifice on your face (eyes, mouth, ears, nostrils) you can risk getting salmonella. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful. While it’s on and when you rinse!


Here is what I always experience. You put it on and as it dries you feel a lot of tightness. When you rinse it off, make SURE to use warm water. Don’t pull at your skin or scrub hard (ever!) just be patient with removing it, it takes a fair amount of splashes. Afterwards your face will feel tight but the tone will look REALLY nice. Within an hour you will feel your skin and be like, “Omg- this feels SO SOFT!” It really just feels so nice on the skin.

How to do an egg yolk mask


Do it for softer skin and for the nutrient boost! If you REALLY want to up the results- do it after exfoliating to really let it penetrate OR use it the morning after you used retinoids at night! (Make sure to read my article on retinoids– it’s such a secret and real game changer.)

Let me know if you try it! Keep up with the fun and education on Instagram- my handle is @TheVioletFog. xx