For those of you who didn’t grow up reading E. Jean Carroll’s advice column “Ask E. Jean” in ELLE magazine (running since 1993!.. Seriously the best part of the magazine) then you must catch up with this woman and read her articles. Or at the very least, follow her on twitter. Her one liners are incredible. She is incredible! Her advice is gold. (And her dating app GAME “Damn Love” is hilarious!)

In a nutshell: E. Jean Carroll is the smart, loyal, fabulous, tell-it-like-it-is universal Auntie that sets our asses straight and then bear hugs us after. Girlfriend has been cheering for us and answering our life questions for a long time now. She celebrates womanhood. She wants the best for everyone. She calls us out and we love her for it. Plus, she’s damn funny. We admire her so much.

Anyway, she always has the best quotes! We post her stuff allllllll the time. So we thought we’d start sharing our archive of Auntie E quotes for you to enjoy. 🙂 This time, quotes on fashion, style, and why we gotta rock it for ourselves and only ourselves.


Homegirl ain’t afraid to say it:

E. Jean Carroll Quotes

And don’t call fashion shallow. It can be… but more than anything? It’s a form of self expression. Something to have fun with, feel good about!

E. Jean Carroll Quotes

So don’t be a clone! Seek out inspiration that works for you but put your own special spin on it.

E. Jean Carroll Quotes

And the only person to dress for? DeRrRrrrrrr. YOURSELF.

E. Jean Carroll Quotes

Because here’s the truth:


E. Jean Carroll Quotes

This quote… lipstick (totally an accessory) could 100% be swapped out for high heels, faux furs…. etc. Wear it because you love it.

E. Jean Carroll Quotes

We love you Auntie E!
More E. Jean Carroll quotes coming soon!

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