If you’ve been to Violet Fog at least a few times, chances are you’ve seen our series on awesome E. Jean Carroll quotes we have pulled from her advice column and other mediums she uses to give sassy, wisdom-rich, meaningful advice to women all over the country. She’s been dubbed “Auntie E” now for a long time and that’s literally what she is to those her follow her– the coolest Aunt we never had. (Not to mention her app “Damn Love” is sinfully hilarious. Just saying.)

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I got to Skype with Auntie E and let me tell you, it was a career MOMENT. I was so excited to actually talk with her. This woman has a wildly cool career, a marvelous and independent love life, and this intensity for life that is just magnetic. I’ve adored her since I was in middle school! Oh and did I mention she’s 73? Auntie E is proof that age ain’t nothin’ but a number baby.

How fabulous is E. Jean though?!?

And speaking of age… we wanted to give you a quick little “feel good” surge from E. Jean herself when she offered up her thoughts on the 30s decade. We had readers send in questions for us to ask her- and there were a couple regarding the fear of turning 30…. you’re going to love what E. Jean had to say:

“Oh please!! When you turn 30 it’s not that you’re old… it’s that you’re YOUNG.”

And when she thinks of herself in her 30s…

“I knew a lot at 30. I wish I could talk to my 30 year old self because I was BANGIN’ let me tell you! I did everything at 30! The 30s are great. ENJOY THEM.”

She did offer up some sage advice about dating in your 30s too. Her point was that meaningful connection to a human being is much more important than seeing if they check all the boxes on your list- because every situation looks different. Note– she’s NOT saying lower your standards. She’s saying that lists can blind us and hinder us if we’re not careful.

“The bad thing about 30 is that you now have the longest list of what you want in a man. TEAR IT UP. It’s too long. When you’re 23… you’re like, ‘I want a fun, cute guy.’ When you’re 33, you’re like, ‘I want a cute guy, who is 6’2… a guy with a good job, he has to like my sports teams… on and on. It’s too long. Tear up the list.”


“It’s funny you know… you’re not afraid of anything in life and then you turn 13 and it’s all about boys.”

And let us conclude this little diddy with this one- regarding something women should be telling themselves every day:

“In your 20s, 30s, 40s… and beyond. Every day of your life… there’s no motto or specific thing a woman should try to tell herself every single day. Because every day is so different. New outlook, new outfit… when you wake up in the morning, it’s a totally new life.”

And life is meant to be lived so fully, so beautifully. SO, Violet Fog Queens… let us not let the 30s looming intimidate us and instead relish in it. As far as I’m concerned… the 30s are going to be our best decade!

Thank you again to E. Jean! I highly highly recommend following her on Twitter (BEST one liners!) and also checking out her site— her advice column is so fun and inspiring! We love you Auntie E!