I thought this could be a fun series. Showing empty bottles of products I’ve used all the way through. That says something, you know? The series is not an original idea (I’ve seen some YouTubers do it I think), but it does provide other avenue where I can showcase some products that I really believe in.

So two of these things are HAIR related and two of them, SKIN.

I should tell you that I am NUTS about hair health and also very, very low maintenance with styling. I don’t even own a blow dryer and I think my curling iron has touched my hair twice in the last year. Basically… the only time it looks purposefully styled is when Michelle does my hair. I care about hair health a LOT so my products need to be powerhouses. If I don’t feel my hair improving– BYE.

Skin… you know I’m psycho about skin. I don’t need to fill you in there.

Okay– onto the products!

****Please do not mind my hap-hazard painted nails in these photos. I’m like a little kid who can never wait for them to dry and I always f*ck them up. Oh wellz.



1. Olaplex.

Or Smartbond. Get you a hair stylist that uses Olaplaex or SmartBond on your hair when they color it! It makes such a difference in maintaining the integrity of your hair when you style it. There are steps they do in the salon but THEN… you can also purchase a “step three” as a super deep conditioning treatment to use once a week at home after. That’s what I’m recommending here. It’s so important for chemically dyed hair to get major nutrients back into it. To pull from what a member in the girl’s only Violet Fog FB group said:  “Olaplex (or SmartBond) is a treatment that rebuilds the natural bonds of your hair. There’s 3 steps but 1-2 can only be done in a salon unless you have a cosmetology license and can buy it yourself. Number 3 can be bought by anyone online- you put it on damp hair leave it for a at least 10min then shampoo and condition. It’s seriously a life saver. I went from very very dark brown to blonde( 2 8hr bleaching sessions) where my hairdresser used olaplex during and then I’ve been doing a treatment every other week and my hair is totally fine! Healthy, and strong. No breakage at all.”

2. Davines Minu Shampoo and Conditioner for colored hair

OMG. This is one of the BEST SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER COMBOS I HAVE EVER USED. Davines made my hair air dry so much prettier than it ever has before and it made everything so soft. This line is a salon-grade Italian line and it’s known for not using alcohol in it’s products. Ugh I am obsessed with Davines now. And I swear after going through these my hair feels stronger and just in great condition. Even Michelle said my hair has been in better shape than normal– and she is never impressed with my hair LOL. (Only because she thinks I don’t style it enough 😛 ) The smell is luxurious too btw. Highly highly recommend! Shampoo here. Conditioner here. (If I had to pick one- the conditioner! But I love both!)


3. Dr. Spiller Aloe/Avocado/Vitamin E Oil

My Esthetician Alyson (She’s at Pacific Plastic Surgery in SF- most fantastic Esthetician I’ve ever had) turned me on to this line. Dr. Spiller SO EFFECTIVE and high-tech. As you may have noticed: QUALITY top-of-the-line skincare is huge for me. And I like a mix of insanely pure/organic and also high tech. This line leans more high tech. I love my oils, always have… always will! I’m convinced they are the fountain of youth. And this one is soooo good. Like I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it more often across socials. Aloe and Vitamin E has always done VERY well on my skin. Supposedly avocado does well too, which I just learned from trying this across 2 months. It’s incredibly soothing and nutrient dense. My skin LOVED this product. Main thing I noticed was softness. Which I always appreciate. 😉 This is definitely a product I will be using in rotation when I’m giving myself a break from rosehip or apricot oil (my holy grails- I never want my skin to get too used to them!)

4. Dr. Spiller Vitamin C moisturizer

I highly recommend a good vitamin C moisturizer during the day! Vitamin C does a great job at combating icky free radicals in the air. At night, I like a vitamin A because it is more healing and regenerative. During the day, I like a vitamin C to protect. This one (again by Dr. Spiller) is one of the best Vitamin C moisturizers I’ve ever tried. It’s thick, so you do gotta let me soak in for a good 5-10 minutes before applying makeup but if you time it right, it’s sooo nice to have in your routine. It moisturizes so well and I find that I look dewey throughout the day which I’m very into. (I know some are not into that look, so consider that!) But yes… finished it and will definitely be on my vanity again this year.

Should I do more of these?! I want to be helpful as possible for my fellow Violets! xx