What are the span of topics you cover on The Violet Fog?

Sheeeeit, what won’t we talk about? Here’s a quick list for an idea:

FASHION. We love to keep you up to speed on news and announcements and give little tutorials (#LazyGirlDIY) But our main aim with fashion is to help us all become more educated consumers with a moral conscience. And have fun along the way!

FOOD. We got a lotta fabulous foodies around here! We’re hoping to bring y’all some creative lists, tips, and angles on the foodie scene that you’ve never seen before.

BEAUTY: We write from the consumer perspective since, duh, we’re consumers ourselves. We love to test out new products, and simplify whatever routines we can. In the future we also want to bring you super useful interviews with gurus of the beauty world!

HEALTH: 9 out of 10 times we dread working out. But we suck it up and do it! We try to eat healthy, but it ain’t easy. We’re interested in writing articles from the P.O.V of women who are busy, need the fast facts, and wish to make the health aspect of her life more enjoyable.

CULTURE: Oh we get into some real fun shit in this category. We talk about everything from dating, to careers, to friendships and beyond. Pretty much all areas of life we want to better ourselves in. Oh and we LOVE juicy stories on anything that’s relatable to women.

EVERYTHING ELSE: Nothing off limits. If we’d want to read about it.. we’ll write about it.


Are you guys a blog or publication?

We are an online publication and while we do touch on our personal lifestyle preferences, we are research heavy and journalism oriented. Sometimes you will hear our voice, other times we will leave it more discrete. We’d say half of our pieces are more “reporting” and the other half are opinion essays.



How often do you post?

We update The Violet Fog daily as well as our social media channels.


Where can I find your social media?

We are super active on our social media and aim to bring something unique and different to all of our channels! Here’s some quick links:

Our INSTAGRAM: We’re going to try to keep it full of dope, original ish. We’ll post a lot of content JUST for Instagram as well and in the future we’ll be hosting contests that require no reposting or jumping through hoops to participate. Say hello!

Our TWITTER: Accounts linked together suck… you’ll find no instagram links here! Our tweets are pretty much thoughts that correlate with our content. And lots of quotes. Bitches love quotes. 😉  And while we like breaking news, we LOVE one liners and random thoughts. And retweeting yours! Let’s talk!

Our FACEBOOK: Like us to see our posts when they happen. We also love to open up the floor to smart, fun conversation. Again, no double linking with other social media here! Oh and we may or may not have surprise announcements from time to time on this platform!

Our PINTEREST: Boards for busy lifestyles. We post and seek out content that isn’t played out. WE ALL KNOW YOU CAN PAINT MASON JARS AND GUESS WHAT?…DON’T HAVE THE TIME, GINA.

Our SNAPCHAT: We chose not to create one JUST for The Violet Fog but for some behind the scenes you can personally follow us. We’re really weird and random but Snapchat is our favorite so join the fun! Cynthia = Cyneats and Katey = Yurkstyle

I’m interested in writing for The Violet Fog, who do I get in contact with?

We love working with contributors. It’s our goal to get a variety of voices from all walks of life on The Violet Fog. Ones that offer fresh perspectives or expert advice!  As long as the content is useful and entertaining and supports our over arching theme of women supporting women- we will certainly consider it! To get our initial guidelines for contribution pieces, please email:  info@violetfog.com


How do you make money with The Violet Fog?

We want to keep it 100% transparent with our readers. The Violet Fog is a full time job for the both of us… and honay, as all smart females know- when it comes to hard work and your career… we just can’t (and shouldn’t) do it for free. A girl’s gotta eat!

But know this: our main concern is keeping the voice of The Violet Fog transparent and honest. You will see that we straight up tell you if we’re using affiliate links or what is sponsored. We don’t try to hide that. We’re on the hustle to do good for Girl World! We know that relationships are built on trust and earning and keeping YOURS… that’s absolutely paramount.

We’d choose to have a modest paycheck earned from an honest point of view that we can feel good about rather than a big paycheck aka “easy money” earned from selling out in the form of impersonal, forced articles that don’t hold much weight in the long run.

We make our money through brand sponsorships and collaborations (most of which we seek out ourselves) and we do use affiliate links.  If The Violet Fog personally guided you to an useful product, we’d appreciate it SO SO MUCH if you use our affiliate links so we can continue to bring you quality content daily.

In regards to the companies and brands we work with, we make it very clear that we are on our reader’s team first. And if it’s something they wont like, chances are, we won’t like it either. We have a strict moral code and it operates as such: if we don’t believe in it- we don’t write about it.


Where can I find your media kit for advertising and collaborations? 

To request a media kit, please email info@violetfog.com with the subject line “Medit Kit”


Who are the voices behind The Violet Fog?

See our Meet The Team and ABOUT VF!