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Consider this my official review of the Fascia Blaster.
My official research on working on your fascia system.
My official thoughts on something we so rarely talk about: FASCIA. (We’re getting into cellulite too here, which is very much attributed to fascia.)

For the last 2+ years- I’ve become obsessed. My friends tease me all the time about how much I talk about it. But I only want them to know about it because I care and I know that having a healthy fascia system can improve one’s life SO MUCH.

What started out as a search for something to help increase my nerve activity back in August of 2016 (for years my limbs would go numb easily- scary I know!) morphed into a discovery of: “try this -the FASCIA BLASTER- and oh… it obliterates cellulite too.” Ummm say WHAT now?

Sounded WAY (way way way) too good to be true… as most products promising such big things usually are.

By the way– this is SO NOT SPONSORED. Just a product that has really blown me away and has helped me change some things health and wellness wise for the better. I am sooooo grateful for the creator, Fascia Scientist, Ashley Black. <— She’s even worked on Victoria’s Secret models!! NFL players! NBA players!

Fascia Blaster Review

ANYWAY. WTF do you know… flash forward a few months after fascia blasting. There I am, in my best friends bathroom, pants down, just BARE ASS in the most heinous light, extending my leg out in the most unflattering position…

“Omg! Where TF is your cellulite?!”
“Dude you think I’m crazy bringing up the fascia blaster all the time but it has changed my body! And made me way healthier!”
“And why is your skin so freaking soft?!”
“FASCIA BLASTER BITCH. I’m telling you!!!”

^^^^ACTUAL conversation. I said it with so much excitement you woulda thought I won the damn lottery.

And flash forward 3 weeks after that:

Fascia Blaster Testimony

So what IS fascia?

Fascia is basically the white filmy connective tissue that encases and keeps all your organs, muscles, and bones together. It’s SUPPOSED to lie flat. But with all the wear and tear that life brings… it gets tangled.

When your fascia is unhealthy (tangled)… possible shiz can be affected:

CELLULITE. Because it’s not lying flat– causing all the lumps and bumps.
NUTRITION. Not getting to your system as effectively because it gets cut off.
PAIN. Muscles can get choked out, bones can get pulled closer together… even migraines can stem from bad fascia.
NERVE ACTIVITY. Totally influenced by bad fascia because blood isn’t flowing as freely.
MUSCLE DEFINITION. Bad fascia = you won’t see the maximum results you put in at the gym as you would if you had healthy fascia.
RANGE OF MOTION. If your fascia is all tangled up, you won’t move as freely as you normally could.

Fascia Blaster Review 5

When you have HEALTHY fascia:

CELLULITE. becomes INCREDIBLY diminished. ***Although you should note that some people go through a “worse before phase” as you break through different layers of fascia. Some people don’t want to wait this out.
NUTRITION. Runs through your system like a waterfall dude. Clear channels all the way. All those supplements will start working even harder for you because they’ll better be ABLE to. Better blood flow = more access for nutritions to do their thang.
PAIN. Allows for joint alignment, better cardiac flow, fewer muscle kinks, headaches and jaw aches reduced…. + so much more. There are, however, safety precautions. So you need to read up before deciding if this is for you. For many and most, it helps tremendously. But it is not one size fits all with results.
NERVE ACTIVITY. Highly increased! (I no longer go numb in my hands and feet since I started fascia blasting.)
MUSCLE DEFINITION. Omg… you see results WAY quicker. There’s a reason why all these gym rats and “bikini competitors” are loving the fascia blaster… because their results are showing way quicker now that their fascia is getting healthier!
RANGE OF MOTION. You’ll literally become more flexible from fascia blasting. It’s nuts.

So what IS the fascia blaster?

It’s a tool that you RAKE all over your body that, over time, untangles your fascia. IT’S INCREDIBLE.

The process is: you heat up (either after a workout, in the shower, sauna, etc) and then you OIL UP (I prefer coconut oil– I love this kind) and then you go to town!

Fascia Blaster Review 1

Fascia Blaster Review 3
{{ This coconut oil is great. I’ve used it for my oil pulling too. }}

Depending on how bad your fascia is– you’ll most likely have to “fascia blast” 2-3X a week. And 1X a week or biweekly for maintenance…. for the rest of your life. lol. It’s like working out- you gotta keep it up. <—THE BENEFITS?! SO WORTH IT. 

AT FIRST– many women bruise. I bruised like crazy the first month. But once your fascia is healthy you stop bruising. I used arnica oil for my bruises and it really helped! (By the way– they are cleansing bruises!) Sometimes if I have not used the tool for a month or so- I will re-bruise. Or I’ll bruise if I break through to a new layer of fascia. But for the most part- my fascia is healthy now and I can treat myself without bruising.

{{ Lol look at my fascia blasting bruises the first month! Ooooh hurt so good. Now I don’t get them at all. 😉 }}

Fascia Blaster Review 4

But y’all… I’m not kidding. This thing is the real deal. I’ve had a few friends purchase it and they are all LOVING IT.

And if you don’t believe me…  there are 300k women on Facebook that totally back it… sharing their photos and testimonies DAILY. Coolest FB group I’ve ever joined. Most supportive group of women on the planet. It’s really a beautiful thing.

If you have other questions or want to know about more QUIRKY and scientific beauty tips and tricks- add me on Instagram and message me! SAY HI! The handle is @TheVioletFog.

Fascia Blaster Review 6

I’m feeling better. I’m getting results way quicker with my workouts… I’m actually WANTING to walk around in little shorts now. It’s so great. And oh— my limbs NO LONGER GO NUMB. The kinks in my back and neck I always get from hunching over my computer are vastly improved after I fascia blast. (Before it would hurt for a WEEK.). The fascia blaster even tightens your skin and softens it… honestly I have just scratched the surface telling you about it. I highly recommend doing some research. (Women use it for their stomachs and arms too!)

But as always- DO YOUR RESEARCH! There are women who report it has done nothing for them or has given them negative side effects. On the contrary, there are hundreds of thousands of women who are loving this thing. That’s why you need to read up, watch youtube videos, etc.

My fascia blaster review is this: A+++++

Order yours HERE. <— Not even an affiliate link. (Did you know I don’t use affiliate links on Violet Fog? This is solely because I want to keep your trust!)

Research on the Fascia Blaster Youtube page HERE.

And remember- you can message me anytime on Instagram! @TheVioletFog. Would love to be buds and for you to explore the rest of!

Before you go… check out these women’s results from their Fascia Pinterest page (NOT MINE– but there are results like this DAILY shown in the fascia blaster facebook group)


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