Tailgating in Texas is a sport.
A party.
A holiday.
A must.

And to be honest- something I probably would have never done if it wasn’t for this partnership with Mighty Swell. Before moving to Texas I would think: but don’t only people in college tailgate?

I have realized: Uh…. NO. Big fat no. Tailgating is for everyone of all ages. It’s a time that family and friends come together. It’s a time where strangers have this instant affinity due to the love of a certain team or sport. It’s a beautiful thing really. High spirits and buzzy energy. Food and conversation. The anticipation of a fun game ahead.

Mighty Swell Tailgate

Quite frankly I don’t know why I waited so long to tailgate! That shiz is FUN. And I’m for sure going to make it a semi-regular thing now that I live in Texas.

I need to make this apparent: I love Mighty Swell. My boyfriend turned me on to it during the many visits to Austin I had before I moved here. It’s a LOW SUGAR wine spritzer in a CUTE CUTE can. 120 calories only. 5% alcohol.  Light, refreshing, crisp taste. We pack it ALL THE TIME on picnics (Zilker Park picnics!!! So fun.) 😉 It’s so easy to just grab and go.

I started my tailgating experience with a Mighty Swell before I went (pregame for the pregame? Kind of unlike me but I was feeling some type of way!) It’s just SUCH a refreshing drink.

At the tailgate, Mighty Swell had partnered with Kendra Scott for a super fun experience. The tent had a DJ, Taco Deli to eat, places to sit and chat and also TV monitors to watch the game. It was SO FUN and there were people of all ages to hang out with!

My new Austin friends all love Mighty Swell too, I should add. It’s getting super popular around here. Of course, I was asking randoms if they had ever tried it because -hello- I was writing about them. The two responses were “Yes I love Mighty Swell!” and “I haven’t tried it yet but heard it’s great!” and when they tried it they were like- dang! And this only has 4g of sugar?

It’s a GREAT WINE SPRITZER. I can’t wait until it comes to California so all my Cali friends can try it.

It’s funny- I was going to make this post about keeping it healthy at a tailgate. But I thought about it- and for my first experience  (and maybe all experiences with tailgating moving forward) it’s so fun to just dive in and EAT THE DAMN FOOD. Tacos, BBQ… it’s all part of the culture. You can at least be healthier with your drink choices- which you can do with drinks like Mighty Swell.

UT ended up winning this game too, btw. 🙂 Apparently they are having a killer year, so you know what that means: more happy tailgates!!

Thank you, Mighty Swell!!!!!

TELL ME– is tail-gating something you like to do?! What is your style?!

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