About a year and a half ago, the most perfect being entered my life. If you were to meet me, you would learn about her within two minutes. I would pull out my phone and show you multiple pictures and tell you stories about her newest accomplishments and grin with pride. I love her so much.

In fact, for Christmas this year I requested that the people in my life get her gifts rather than get me unnecessary things because I just want her to be happy and feel loved.

cat parents

With all of that comes a whole lot of judgement. Why, you ask? Because my perfect being, my little sidekick, my forever snuggle buddy comes in the form of a little black cat named Noodle. So trust me when I say then when I begin telling people about her, all responses are super positive like “aww” or “so sweet” and quickly leads to eye rolls with sighs of “crazy cat lady over here”.

I’m honestly not sure where it all started. The whole “crazy cat lady thing.”

Certainly there’s the cat lady on the Simpsons and many references to women owning cats if they are unmarried by a certain age in many movies. But why instantly assume that if one owns and loves a cat/cats, they are unstable?

I propose debunking that myth and also changing “crazy cat lady” to “comin-at-you-like-wildfire-cat-lady” and here’s why.

Cats are like that mysterious quiet, library crush you had in college or high school that you spent night after night trying to impress by pretending you love to read. Or just going to the library for no reason. And finally, one day, they notice you. And they sit down next to you. And all of that pretend reading finally did you some good because they noticed you. Literally a cat. That’s what a cat does.

Cats don’t care about you at first, or all the time – you can try and try and try and they don’t bother. But one day, they’ll look at you with those suddenly loving eyes and you’ll know that it was all worth it. That doesn’t make you crazy, does it? That makes you devoted. Devoted and committed to loving your pet no matter what.


Cats are also incredibly cautious with their trust. They don’t just get excited about playing all the time. It’s why so many people think most cats aren’t friendly or nice. But you really just need to ease into it. It takes time and patience and a whole lot of respect of their space. And when you give them that, I promise it’s worth it. Does that make you crazy? No. That makes you patient and understanding and respectable of the kind of beautiful animal that they are. Understanding that you need to build a relationship on their terms without forcing anything is a gift to them. Because once they love you, so much of their happiness is dependent on you and your love!

Once you do get their love, I promise you, nothing beats it. Currently, Noodle can’t sleep unless she’s touching a human so it makes for the cuddliest of nights. She waits by the door for me to come home and when I do, she meows until I pick her up for a hug. When I’m in the shower, she’s on the edge of the tub waiting. Because I know she’s guarded, it’s that much more special and I am a much more loving person for it.

So if being a cat lady makes me devoted, committed, patient, kind, understanding and loving, then so be it! I’m comin’-at-you-like-wildfire because those qualities are so hard to find in friends, employees, spouses… and I think cat people make the best of them.

Signing out, 
Cat mom of 1, Cat Step-mom of another

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