So we’ve written about board games before. #BrainIsTheNewAss baby… you know the motto. We love a little play time with the MIND. I was sooo excited to be picked for this campaign. I really wanted it!

Codenames, you’ve seen it on both mine and Radhika’s stories. We love to play to this game. I actually first played it at Radhika’s birthday last year and I went out the NEXT week and bought it for myself for my friends and family to play. It was a HIT at Thanksgiving– thank you very much. 😉 This game is fun as heck. I’m all for game nights. Always have been!

Like… look at my disappointment when I forgot to bring Codenames to my friend’s sleepover. (Lol yes we are grown women who still have bday sleepovers haha, never going to end!)

Codenames Deep Undercover
Kind of annoying how many OMG’s I threw in there but let’s try to get past that– k? LOL.

Anyway. Games are a fun way to spend time with people you love, make new friends, and create a sense of camaraderie.

Codenames Game

I played with my family this weekend (this version was the adult version and my Mom made me only select PG words lol.)

Codenames Game

The game is played with two teams– each with a captain aka the “Spy Master.” You basically use one word clues to help your team guess the right card. If you guess the wrong one, you could lose a point, or give a point to the other team. It’s FUN. And really, really easy to learn.

Codenames Game
My Dad and brother were the spymasters! I kinda make a horrible spymaster but I always want to try anyway!

Codenames Game Codenames Game

You’ll laugh, you’ll feel super smart if you give that money clue to your team… you’ll be high-fiving. It’s simply a good time. What a great GAME is all about. I promise you that… my stamp of approval is all over this game.

Purchase Codenames here. Or at Target! It’s inexpensive, easy to setup– and let me reiterate (because this matters to me): EASY TO LEARN. Like even my brother, who never ever plays board games caught on instantly. And one last note: both guys and girls love this game. It doesn’t lean a certain way… so it’s a safe choice for a mixed party!

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