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Every year my Mom buys me cooking books in the hopes that this will be the year my daughter learns to cook! Every year. And Cynthia… she didn’t even know what an “oven proof skillet” was until a year ago. Although her potsticker defrosting skills are pretty on point.

We both never really took the time to learn how to cook. And while we joke about it, we both wish we knew how. It was one of those things where we’d always talk about wanting to learn, but never did a single thing about it. “One day!!” We’d say.

And then a few weeks ago, my friend sent me home with some leftovers she had put in a DIN bag. Cynthia saw it and was like, “You tried DIN??” I said no, but my friend and her husband had, and they loved it. This led to a conversation about Friendsgiving.

C: “Remember that one time when I cooked a meal with DIN? I actually learned some stuff.”
K: “Did you? They do all the prep work for you and the recipes are easy right?”
C: “Yeah! The recipes are from top chefs and restaurants from around San Francisco so you know the meal is going to be bomb” 
K:“Cooking a meal and decorating a table is real wifey shit. We should try it…”

And so we got in contact with DIN and learned that they have a full-blown menu ready for Thanksgiving. We thought, well.. it’d be pretty cool to do a Friendsgiving dinner! Right? Let’s do the damn thing!

We really thought y’all would like DIN because there must be women out there like us who also want to up their kitchen skills. Or people who enjoy the social aspect of cooking and want to try new experiences. Or those who love to cook already, but don’t have the time to do all the prep work beforehand. We really dig this service.


So what happened? Smoked turkey wings, brined breast and confit legs. Brussel sprouts with chorizo. Roasted mushrooms and sweet potatoes with prosciutto. Pumpkin and sage risotto! WE COOKED THIS!


Well. Actually, what happened was… we cooked it with the help of our guests lol. While the instructions were fool-proof, we still needed explanations on how to properly hold a knife and how to use a cheese grader without cutting your nails off. Thanks Sasha (@sanfrancisco) and Cyrus (@cyruscgct), good looking out!

Not only was it tasty as hell, it was probably the most “modern” Thanksgiving food we’ve ever had. Ah. It was grand!

So do we recommend DIN for meals at home? Um, hell yes. And not even just for Thanksgiving, just in general! Although you do have until the 15th to pre-order for Thanksgiving and coming from a foodie pro (Cyn) and the most picky eater ever (Katey)… we both confidently say that Din is really, really awesome. 100% a service we can get behind and implement into our lives.

din-6744 din-6749 din-6741

Video by the talented Melissa De Mata.


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