Letttttt’s be honest. Most days- it’s jeans, a tee, some face oil and that’s it. Le natural.

But a night out- a night out out- like ones with the girls where you KNOW you’ll all be lookin’, feelin’ cute… taking pics and what not. THOSE KIND OF NIGHTS- I live for a good get ready sesh. 

I start to think it about HOURS before the makeup even starts.

I like to shower about 5 hours before I go out.

Here’s why (and my top three things I like to do:)

1. Dry Brush 

Fresh out of the shower (or right before) I do a deep, deep dry brushing sesh. If you don’t dry brush, you gotta read up or watch my video. It’s so amazing. It manually exfoliates skin, gets your lymph system going, and plumps you up- gets that skin all soft and supple. It even helps decrease the look of cellulite temporarily. No joke! And it feels SO GOOD. So I’ll dry brush all over my body and then slather on some body butter or coconut oil.

Getting Ready For A Night Out Routine 1

Before a night out (remember- this is hours before) I like to SOAK my skin in something rich and luxurious. By the time I put on my clothes, it’s all sunken in and my skin looks freshhhh.

Getting Ready For A Night Out Routine 3
With coconut oil- my favorite as of late is by Conscious Coconut (every tube sold feeds a child) 

2. Hydrate Your Skin 

I will layer an oil on my face, chest and neck- THICK. Like practically dripping off my face thick. (You know two of my favorites are rosehip oil and apricot.) Within a few hours, my skin will be so dewey it’s like I just created the perfect canvas for glow-y makeup- which is totally my thing. Sometimes I’ll even throw a sheet mask over it for the first 20 minutes. Or under eye masks. The best thing about sheet masks is that most of them you don’t have to wash off! #LazyGirlHacks (P.S: I love the eye sheet masks from DHC skincare (featured in the hero image) SO GOOD and really stays on.– only $10 for 6 applications too.)

Getting Ready For A Night Out Routine 2
Forever love the rosehip seed oil from Better Shea Butter.

If you don’t like the dewy, glow-y look- just go for a sheet mask before you get ready. Trust me— instant hydration.

3. Foam Roll And Stretch

I’ll stretch and foam roll for a good 15 minutes. I swear this helps debloat and “lengthens” you out. Get you standing taller. Get some kinks out. After doing this you are nice and loose for the night out! Foam rolling also makes your muscles look nice and shapely- all smooth. Can you imagine stretching and foam rolling paired with dry brushing right before? Like your body WILL look and feel better than before you had done all these things for yourself. That’s a promise.

Call me extra, call me psycho… this is my getting ready for a night out routine and YES these are some extravagant steps. But whenever I do them I walk out the door feeling like a million bucks. And it’s not just vanity- it’s an act of self care because all of the things I mentioned above are truly GOOD for the health of your body and skin.

Try it out on your next night out and then tell me your cute self isn’t feeling mighty fine after! 😉