Sorry guys! Katey here. Before we start Rad’s article… can I just say that I love the Violet Fog fam because I just wrote an article about why I HATE SPIN CLASS and Radhika (only 2,3 weeks later) writes one about why she absolutely loves it. lol!… She even booked FREE FlyWheel classes for all VF readers who want to join her for a class on July 13th! (Thurs, 7:30pm)

SOOO do I even attend that? ๐Ÿ˜› Answer is yes of course!! It’ll be a blast. A, I love Rad. B, I totally want to hang out with you guys and would love to sooner than the next book club party that we’re planning!

So here’s Rad’s (verrry different haha) take on indoor cycling aka spin class.

aka torture.
***jk jk I had to. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I once was a runner, and why I’m not sure. Because I disliked every second of it. It was very hard on my body, I couldn’t go super far, and I couldn’t really accomplish any errands while I was doing it. (What can I say, I like to kill two birds with one stone whenever I can.)

So I switched to cycling (outdoor first)- and it is amaaaaaazing. The wind through my hair (through the holes in my helmet – that is), the ability to run errands, and the sheer distance I could go… those are all reasons why I LOVE the sport of cycling.

Being in the Bay Area, we’re lucky. We can do outdoor activities most of the year. But when that cold summertime fog rolls in- there’s Flywheel.

Flywheel is an intense 45 minute spin work out that strengthens your legs, booty and your ARMS. Seriously, when I did these classes regularly, my arms were lookin’ like Rosie the Riveter.

This is why I like FlyWheel

  • It’s quick
  • It’s efficient
  • You get a full body work out
  • It’s bomb ass cardio

I absolutely dread being trapped in a gym for too long, so a FlyWheel class is the perfect amount of time for me. 45 minutes is my sweet spot for working out. And spin is totally effective.

The benefit of FlyWheel over outdoor cycling is that it forces you to pedal for the entire 45 minutes, which means you don’t have the luxury of cruising like you would on a road. At first… this annoyed me. I could no longer use my sneaky road riding techniques! There’s no down time!

They also have this thing called the Torque Board, which is used to compete with other riders in the room. You don’t HAVE to be on it, but it’s an option if you’re competitive. I can get verrrryyy competitive with my biking guys. ๐Ÿ˜› So this this makes it fun for me.

FlyWheel also has a really slick app where you can track your stats. If you’re a numbers person (like I am) you’ll love this:

When I took the numbers off my heart rate watch, this work out is mostly a Zone 3/4 work out and burned ~400 calories.

After taking FlyWheel classes in the cycling off season, I feel like a freaking beast on the road. It strengthens you very quickly.

So we have a special surprise for you guys!! (Or I do, you know this wasn’t Katey’s idea haha): VF worked with Flywheel to set up a Violet Fog ride in San Francisco! We are so excited to ride with our fellow Violet Foggers!! You know whenever we get together it’s so fun! Newbies come on out! Can’t wait for this.

Where: FlyWheel @71 Spear St. San Francisco, CA

When: Thursday, July 13th @ 7:30 PM- please show up 15 minutes early to check in, etc.

What to Bring/ Wear:

  • Water bottle
  • Work out clothes. (Cycling shorts or leggings. Tank top. That sort of thing.)
  • Socks (they’ll have shoes for you there. Or bring your own cycling shoes!)

If you’re interested, please sign up here. You can also email me. Make sure you create a Flywheel account BEFORE you arrive at the studio! This will ensure we have your shoe sizes & we can sit next to each other. Looking forward to seeing you there! Even Katey (who clearly isn’t a huge fan of spin but is being a good sport) is going to try it out! <— Could be funny ๐Ÿ˜‰

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