Photography by: Ryan Chua

The other day, Cynthia was out shooting content for our style section (with Ryan Chua! Lucky bish! I couldn’t make it 🙁 ) …. Anyway, when she got home, she sent me some raw images to preview. Right away we noticed that all of the outfits she shot that day were rompers. It was so funny!

And they all looked really effing cute on her. So… we had our laugh and then she was like, “Yeah I didn’t realize it till now… but that last trip, oddly all I got were rompers… Heh… guess I just really love rompers!?!”

I thought about it… said to her, “You know, ya just can’t knock the romp.” 
“You can’t! I f*cking love rompers. They are so… easy.
“And feminine!”
“And comfortable!”
…..etc etc for probably 3 more minutes. 😛

Because I genuinely enjoy putting together outfits, I usually like a little challenge when it comes to dressing. BUT… and often enough…  there are times when I just say fuggit and go for something a little easier. It allows me to redirect my mental energy for something else if needed. So. I love me a good one piece. Love love love me a good one piece. Dresses… Jumpsuits… rompers. I just love the convenience of them. And simplicity can be quite the statement in and of itself, too.

Unlike a dress though, you don’t gotta worry about flashing anyone with a romper. Yet again a solid reason why us ladies love them. They’re trusty.
 Seriously, uncrossed legs, wind blowing up… way less margin for error than if you were wearing a dress! Happen to FALL? (#ThingsIThinkAbout #AccidentProne) In a romper, you MIGHT get a little cheek but it’s better than full blown bare ASS in the air is it not?! 😛 With a dress.. it’s more risky! Can’t be as lax.

And one glorious thing about the romper… is the added bonus of that “lax factor” it provides. You know…  maybe able to boogie down a little harder on the dancer floor.  Or add a little more length and stride to your strut wherever you’re going. It let’s you be all easy breezy baby… because your shit is isn’t riding up. Or slipping down. Or pinching. Comfortable = confident = sexy. Rompers are usually comfy AF.

And how about for when we want (or need to to force ourselves) to dress up nice for something but maybe we feel a little bloated or fluffy? Rompers are the best for this!!! Draped on all types of bodies, they can be very flattering! But what’s even better is that they maintain a classy sexiness while also being loose and light on the skin! No real gripping on the curves. I mean.. f*ck having to suck in or be uncomfortable when you’re not feeling your best, right?! Hell to the no. Get comf!

Anyway y’all. Just a silly trail of thought I had that I just went with. I really love the rompers Cyn picked out. She got them from that cute (lady owned!) fashion truck that roams all over the Bay Area… Top Shelf Style. Have you seen it? They now have a store front in SF, located at 50 Post St. #13. And no, not sponsored, just keeping y’all filled in with our little SF adventures and discoveries! And of course, love to support small business whenever we can. Top Shelf Style actually some really cute stuff at affordable prices.

How cute would one of these be for New Years?! I might need to borrow! And this is cute, I just realized on all of the links below… they used Cyn’s pictures! Haha I love it! Work it girl. My business partner/model on the side!  PS: Love her Fyuses too!

CynEats TopshelfStyle Rompers Pink Romper-5221
Ahh this one is so sweet and pretty!

CynEats TopshelfStyle Rompers Pink Romper-5262

CynEats TopshelfStyle Rompers-4490
I see this one being reworked many ways. And you can’t go wrong with stripes! Especially vertical ones.

CynEats TopshelfStyle Rompers-4600
Feelin’ fly! Jacket from there as well too. (Shop local when you can!)

CynEats TopshelfStyle Rompers-4991
This one is gorrrrgeous. I love the velvet. It’d also be so pretty with bright pops of color like teal or burnt orange!

CynEats TopshelfStyle Rompers-5024

*Shameless plug… find us on FYUSE 🙂 It is SUCH a rad app. We’ve mentioned it before! User: @TheVioletFog*

CynEats TopshelfStyle Rompers-5100
Doesn’t Cyn look like she’s in London or something? haha

Are you a fan of the romper? Why or why not?!