Photos by: Melissa De Mata


Just when we thought we’ve seen it all in the San Francisco foodie scene- out comes a new BELGIAN inspired brasserie restaurant. Say whatttttt?

Yup- French, German, and Belgian dishes served right in the heart of Cow Hollow on Union Street. It’s called BELGA, and it has an inviting, lively atmosphere that is perfect for brunch, a lunch date, or a generous meal for dinner.

The decor is cute as hell- a juxtapose between light and airy with robustness. It’s a roomy space with open windows, ample lighting and bright wooden textures.

The people who work here are incredibly friendly. The prices are doable- affordable for most. And dining there, well, Belga is simply just one of those “feel good” restaurants. A lovely neighborhood spot to enjoy with good company.

Oh, and it’s DELISH too. Hearty, flavorful, big portions and even the health nuts (*Ahem* Katey) can find something to eat here (she eats like a rabbit). It makes it so much easier when the menu can cater to a span of different taste buds.


So here’s what we recommend (and photographed for 20 minutes before eating haha)

melissademataphoto-cyneats-belga-sf-7455Croque Madame ($12)– This is a dish that can keep you full for the rest of the day. It’s made with smoked ham, gruyere, with brioche bread topped with bechamel and a sunny egg.

PS: It’s a little heavy to eat by yourself, so do it “Family-Style” and share it with the rest of the table.


Market vegetables ($7)- Beautifully crispy raw seasonal vegetables. The dill chive yogurt dip is bomb. This was obviously Katey’s favorite lol 😛


Pan roasted mussels ($15)- Omg these mussels!! Served with whitbier, shallots, garlic & chives. The broth was AMAZE with strong garlicy flavors- ask for more bread to dip in the sauce.


Frites ($9)– These fries are addicting as hell and crisped to perfection. They use house cut Kennebec potatoes, served with 3 different dips: homemade ketchup, curry ketchup and aioli.

That curry ketchup tho… don’t knock it till you try it!


A giant sausage board? Uhm. YES PLEASE.

The sausage board consists of four homemade sausages served with grain mustard, & spatzle with cabbage.


Currywurst- a curry pork sausage. It’s spicy and delightful.

Boudin blanc- made with chicken and pork.

Boudin noir- this is the big black one (no pun intended lol), made with celery root & apple. A vegetarian option for your fellow non-meat eaters.

Kielbasa- sauerkraut & mustard beurre blanc.

PS: We do NOT recommend this dish for a first date. Your breath will be kickkkinnnnnnn! Bring gum.


And the drinks… OHHHH the drinks. Supa fresh. Perfect for a brunch or dinner buzz. 😉


So if you’re looking for a new spot to brunch or looking for a fun place to eat for dinner, be sure to check out Belga this weekend. You won’t be disappointed!


2000 Union St.

San Francisco, CA 94123