I’m about to show you the most beneficial NATURAL face lifting technique. It helps stimulate COLLAGEN, gets the lymphs moving, firms and also helps to relieve surface level tension. It’s freaking fab-u-lous.

**Skip down to video if you want!** 😉

It’s called GUA SHA for the FACE (and neck) and it’s insane. I *love love love* to do this on my face. Not only does it feel so good, I genuinely look better after I do it. More awake. And in those couple minutes I’ve also done something nice for my lymph system and circulation overall.

Can ya hear my enthusiasm?!?! Gua Sha is effective. And cool. And luxurious. And we owe everything to ancient Chinese medicine! More info in the video below. (My first “beauty” video how weird!! Let me know if you dig it or not. I don’t want to waste my time if you don’t like it lol. I do think it’s so fun sharing with you guys all my little tricks and habits!)

So I actually first learned gua sha from @GofitJo aka Joanne (her beautiful site here) and ever since I tried it it’s been la la looooove. Team Gua Sha all the WAY.

There are Youtube videos out there with people doing this with spoons. You can get creative and it still be effective! Personally I like the smoothness and cooling sensation of a jade or rose-quartz stone. Feels soooo good on the skin. I like to pamper.

The tools I use you can get off Amazon for $17! They are beautiful too. (Not one bit sponsored- one of the best $17 bucks I’ve ever spent!!)

Gua Sha Facial Tutorial

The oil I like to use has been my 2017 HERO: Apricot oil!! But many oils would do. (Personally I think rosehip is too thick for Gua Sha. Also– learn about apricot oil here that’s a whole other hidden beauty gem!)

So here’s how I personally GUA SHA. BTW very important to listen to what I’m saying in the vid and not just watch because there’s some parts that really need to be communicated clearly! (Like going SO SO SO DELICATE if you ever swipe down on your face. Like barely even graze it. <— things like that.)

Also- you know my opinion is not a medical nor professional one. Always always do your own research.

Hope you enjoyed! Love you guys.