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SO. Everyone has their own workout style and preference: cardio, weights, yoga, lunch break express class, late night runs. But if you’re like me, your workout style is running to and from the freezer to grab that pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

As you all may know (Thank you Instagram), Katey and I joined Swing SF on our journey to try a variety of different workout classes in the city. You’ve seen our stories, you’ve seen our pictures, you’ve seen the seriously cute guys who run the classes. NOW I want to tell you what you’re really getting yourself into if you try the workouts at Swing SF.

You’ll get two perspectives. Mine… someone who does her squats by grabbing the ketchup from the bottom shelf in the fridge door. And Katey’s, who is much more experienced and athletic than I will ever be. As in works out multiple times a week. Behold… how we both take on workouts at Swing SF.

How did we find Swing SF?

Sandra: Conveniently, they have their studio right across from the Trader Joe’s on California and Hyde. So every time I would leave the grocery store with $100 worth of groceries for just one person, I would walk by Swing and see members sweating their butts off. I thought, “are these people crazy?” Then the next thing you know, Katey and I were meeting with Rich and Luke and touring their studio. It’s so clean and nice!

Katey: The Coaches are AWESOME too. Seriously two of the kindest, hardest working, smartest guys in the San Francisco fitness scene. So likable! By the way- while there are men who train there, there’s way more women!

This is Luke and Rich!

What you’re signing up for:

Sandra:I’m a beginner in the fit scene…. so I felt part regret, and part ready to be the baddest bitch in town. Also feeling like I might have abs that afternoon. If you glance at their class schedule, you’ll see they have a variety of different classes, all of which will make your ass SORE. You’ll want to start with a Foundations Class I, for probably like a month. Body weight classes are great too. But due to needing the proper technique to do a lot of these exercises, you’ll need your body to get used to moving that way, working out certain muscles, learning proper posture/position before you move on to a Foundations 2 class. (Foundations 1 is still HARD, p.s) So what you’re signing up for is weeks of learning how to properly work out and how to safely use workout machines, all while sweating your butt off, dry heaving, and actually getting a work out. Seriously though my clothes would be so drenched after a class, you would think I had just showered in my clothes. Gross. And also awesome.

Katey: I’ve always worked out, so personally I was just stoked to learn KETTLEBELL exercises. I had heard great things. Saw some of my friends get CUT from those kind of workouts. I couldn’t wait. Kettle bell is hard but also fun. One thing I also got a LOT of from these classes is learning proper technique. Honestly, we have one body. We need to take care of it. Aimlessly doing an exercise with little precision will get you less results and possibly an injury. Luke and Rich actually EDUCATE you. I appreciated that.

When to take these classes?

Sandra: So not sure about you all buttttt when I work out, I literally feel so badass. And these classes are NOT easy. So it was virtually impossible for me to make it through a class after a full day of work. Luckily, they had 6AM and 7AM classes, so it set me up for my day! I would leave those classes feeling super strong and so full of energy.

Katey: I did two morning workout classes… I do better with the evening classes. Heh. 😉 Your girl likes to sleep too much.

Our FAVORITE thing about these classes:

Sandra: These guys truly never give up on you. The class sizes stay small so they can really focus on your technique and your form and making sure you’re not hurting yourself. And GIRL you NEED it, trust me! It’s THAT good of a workout, and super targeted. Who knew one could sit wrong, or stand wrong, or stretch wrong. Rich and Luke have studied the art of movement. (Literally.) These guys are the real deal. They want you to LEARN as much as sweat. They aren’t looking for speed in your workouts/drills, they’re looking for accuracy. You’ll learn to appreciate it. Really though, these guys are AWESOME! I mean they’re funny, so nice and cute to boot. And such gentlemen. See evidence below: Luke carrying me when I’m too tired to walk (lol) and Rich helping me pretend to be able to do a pull up.

Katey: I swear to God, I have never had a workout that works my ASS more than Kettlebell. Look, I have a booty. And it can be hard to tone it. But after some time with these classes, I kid you not, my butt was LIFTED baby. And way more solid. I have legit been telling all my friends that THIS is the place to go if you want to build a booty. So yes… that was my favorite thing about this workout. You’ll also just feel stronger. See tone in your arms where you never saw tone before. There’s something cool about suddenly being able to do way more pushups than you ever could before. And properly too! The workouts were always so efficient and the time would fly by. And everyone who goes there is so friendly towards each other. I love love loved Swing SF. Like if you are on Classpass (not not) you must try it!

Last words:

Sandra: Patience! You need patience to learn how to do their proper workouts. Especially if you are a beginner like me. But once you get it, you get it. If you’re looking for a workout with people you can trust who will really show you how to work out properly, these are your guys. And as someone who legit hates working out, once I was done getting over the muscle soreness and crying about it, I LOVED them. Sooo, if you’re in it for the long haul, looking to learn in a supportive space and have your ass kicked legit every.single.time. Swing SF is a GREAT place to try! Don’t be scurrrrrd.

Katey: Yes and yes. And seriously want to stress building the booty– I know a lot of girls want that. You’re going to get that here! No joke. You’ll gain muscle (good muscle) quicker than ever. I certainly did.

Visit Swing SF’s website HERE. Instagram HERE.

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