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My MAC computer is 3 years old. Which is a dinosaur in Apple years. AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT?

I am highly dependent on my computer for my line of work. (Who doesn’t these days.) I am on my computer all throughout the day.  In the last few months, I’ve found myself wasting a lot more time having to restart my computer, wait for things to load, reopen and close specific apps.

It’s become like a math equation! “If I have X running, then I can’t have Y running, but Z might work.”

It’s been driving me insane! I cleaned out SO many files too. I updated everything. Almost ZERO change. I even started looking up new MAC books ready to shell out well over $1000. Honestly? I was pissed. Three years isn’t that long! Five, six years I would understand but THREE? No no no.

It wasn’t until my computer just SHUT DOWN in the middle of me writing a lengthy research piece when I was ready to bite the bullet. (No- my article did not save!) I was ready to shell out.

The thing is… I talked to a handful of MAC users and all of them said the only thing that has ever helped them was WIPING THEIR ENTIRE COMPUTER OUT. Starting fresh.

Me being like “dang I got a lot to delete on my computer, YIKES.” 😛

So it was either that or buy a new computer. On a more personal note- my Grandpa had bought me this computer, it makes me think of him, and I really didn’t want to let it go.

It’s funny how the universe works out. It was just a random day when I got an email regarding a product called CLEAN MY MAC.

It was about how this one tool could clean up, speed up, protect your Mac with just one tool. It sounded too good to be true. I looked up some reviews, read all about the product and was like… this is exactly what I need.

This tool actually SCANS your ENTIRE computer for things on it you don’t need. Think about how many apps you have downloaded but never use and you have no clue where they went. You think you removed it- but did you really? Our computers have a crazy way of hanging onto things!

There are so many reasons to clean the junk on your computer. Speed is just one of them!

Think of how many duplicates are on your computer.
Think of old caches that have never cleared that have been sitting there for years. (Yes- this is still a thing even if you regularly clear your cache. Certain things are locked in. Passwords, old information, etc.)

So I downloaded this app (super easy to do), installed it (again- super easy to do!) and let it do it’s thing. When you open the app, a beautiful interface comes up and shows you in 3 easy steps what it wants to do: Scan for things your computer doesn’t need, protect it against threats, and throw it all away. It legit does what it says: It CLEANS your Mac.

It is the most beautiful yet powerful Mac Utility I have ever used.

I was so happy to partner with them because this a product of VALUE and I know so many readers are Mac users and are experiencing similar problems that I had.

So did it work? It really did! My computer is working so much faster now. I am no longer getting the infamous “Computer almost full” message popping up every 2 seconds. I’m so happy. I will definitely purchase once my trial runs out, and will install on any Mac computer I ever have going forward.

DOWNLOAD HERE— keep in mind- clicking this will start AUTOMATICALLY start a download right away!