Most of us picture aloe vera as that green gelly stuff we squeeze out of a bottle.

Very “going to put this on after a day at the pool” a la 2002 am I right?!

We picture aloe vera gel as something that helps soothe a sunburn and not much else. BUT IT CAN DO A LOT MORE! We’re going to go over that.

But first, if you’re just using it for sunburn, I’m going to ask you to step awayyyyy from that bottle. The stuff we typically see, the green gels in plastic bottles, are usually loaded with SD alcohols (ironically dries out the skin), fragrances, dyes, and a bunch of other CRAP. No bueno.

Aloe Vera can in fact help a sunburn though- just get the a LEAF or SLEEVE… fresh of aloe vera. You can find it at the supermarket.

And btw- if you have an aloe vera skincare product- aloe vera EXTRACT is much more potent than aloe leaf JUICE.

What to know about aloe vera

The active component in Aloe Vera is called acemannan. When we use aloe leaf juice in a product, that aloe has been highly processed and heated, destroying almost all acemannan. When we use aloe leaf extract, much more of the acemannan is intact.

But of course- pure aloe vera is best!

Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant- it’s been used for years to treat a number of things.

Let’s go over the studied, scientifically proven ways to effectively use Aloe Vera!

Use Aloe Vera To Treat Burns

There was a study done in 2013 that looked at 50 different people with relatively similar burns- half the group was treated with the normal cream/protocol they usually use in medical situations to dress burns, and the other half was treated with aloe vera. Guess who did better…. ? 😉

Helps With Digestion When You Consume It

Here’s a big reason why I personally love Aloe Vera. A big reason why I just lurrrrrve putting it in my smoothies.

IT HELPS WITH DIGESTION! It contains all these specific enzymes that help break down sugars and fats. It also helps keep you regular.

But don’t overdo it!! I just include this in my smoothies ~2X a week. Some people do it daily BUT KEEP IN MIND- just like anything, dosage matters. So don’t go overboard. I use about an inch off a leaf- scrape out the gel and give it a go!

There was an analysis done in 2018 that looked at 3 different studies that had to do with people going through IBS. Those who were treated with aloe vera did much better managing IBS symptoms than those who were in the placebo group. However, a lot of aloe vera was consumed in these studies. 10 teaspoons sometimes 3-4X per day were taken. However, some studies used much less and still saw a positive correlation with using aloe vera.

Can Help With Dandruff

I haven’t tried this but I’ve heard this beauty trick from a few people in the beauty industry. Aloe Vera can help exfoliate- so if you have dandruff and your scalp could use some extra cleaning, before showering… rub in some aloe vera all over your scalp. Let it sit for 10ish minutes and then shower and rinse and shampoo and do your whole routine thang. 😉 See if it helps! Some people really swear by this. At the very least- it can’t hurt and it does have nourishing ingredients.

Gently Helps With Heartburn

There was a 2010 study stating that 1 to 3 ounces of aloe vera can help with heartburn. Specially they looked at people who deal with a reflux condition called GERD. You are supposed to take aloe vera at the meal time to help with heartburn.

I don’t really get heartburn but one time I did, I tried this and I don’t know if it was a placebo effect but it worked for me! I had eaten a highly acidic food meal (which I don’t often do) and I suddenly felt a heat and pressure… basically right between my boobs lol. I had aloe vera on hand and scooped out about 2 tablespoons and just ate it straight up. I felt better within minutes. Again- could be placebo!

But can you imagine if you deal with heartburn on the regular if something like aloe vera worked? Making it so you didn’t have to use a lot of those medications that have adverse side effects? Worth a try!

Great For Oral Health

Turns out aloe vera can help block PLAQUE. Das right. I’m obsessed with oral health as I’ve had a million and one cavities and I just can’t crack the case on WHY- my oral hygiene is impeccable lol! Anything that can naturally help the mouth is great in my opinion- also bacteria in the mouth also affects the GUT. Anywho! Check this study!

Aloe Vera Benefits

How I use Aloe Vera

I am a fan of the real deal aloe vera- so I prefer to scrape it out of the sleeve! They say the sleeve, once opened- only lasts a few days in the fridge and then you should freeze it. But I start on the skinnier side of the sleeve first and cut off little by little so not much “gel” is exposed and it lasts Dan and I a good ten days. I always cut off a sliver and discard it to make sure it’s fresh each time. My favorite way to eat aloe vera is to put it in smoothies. Usually about 1-2 tablespoons a time. Sometimes I scrape out the aloe and put it into little cubes and freeze. That works too!