I’m vocal about UTI struggles.

I’m vocal because it’s something so many women deal with, yet not many talk about. 



They are often ashamed or embarrassed that they have one or continuously get them. I get it, UTIs aren’t sexy. We mentally tie them to being something wrong with our vajayjay even though it has nothing to do with that! It’s all urethra and bladder baby! But still.

I GET IT. Holy f*ck do I get it. But women are suffering, and we’re being overly prescribed antibiotics… we need to keep talking about this.

Recap: I have gotten UTIs consistently since I was a baby. It’s an anatomy problem. I was born with a defect near my bladder. I am highly prone to UTIs. Read my some of my natural remedies here.

Violets, when I say consistently… I mean I get UTIs at LEAST once a month. Often twice a month. And they can last anywhere from one week to two weeks.

So yes, I am chronically in pain and rarely get a break. I can do all the things, exercise, hydrate, get in the right foods, adequate sleep… but because it’s an anatomy issue- I will forever be prone to these.

It affects my entire life. Makes me feel less sexy, steals energy from me (it takes a lot of energy for your body to fight off infection) and it’s such a distinctive pain, really unlike anything else. You don’t want to walk anywhere. You don’t want to be social. You’re in the bathroom multiple times an HOUR. All you only want to do is hide away.

I get really depressed over this. And I feel bad for Dan because it definitely affects our relationship, even though he is the sweetest guy ever about it.


I want to tell you about something that has been helping me out tremendously.


I actually have a bunch of things to tell you about but it’s an intense protocol, so I’ll let you in on things one by one.


Garlic for UTIs

Not garlic pills. Not cooked garlic. Not pre-minced garlic.

NO. Only fresh, raw garlic.


When you feel a UTI coming on… IMMEDIATELY go get yourself some garlic.

Chop up two cloves of garlic into tiny pieces. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes before eating. The active compound in garlic is called allicin and you want it to activate– it only activates after being freshly chopped up and sitting out for 10-15 minutes.

The allicin is the powerful shit. You gotta be in that window.

After every meal, take 2 cloves of garlic. Do this every day until symptoms start to lighten up. (I chop mine and put them into lemon water with 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper. I’ll explain more another time but that’s a reallllll effective way to kill a UTI.)

Is it intense? YES.
Will you stank? YES.
Does it burn? YES.

…. Oh it’s BRUUUUUTAL. You will *hate* garlic by the end of this. But keep doing it until symptoms clear and do it another 2 days just to make sure!

Scientific Studies Done On Garlic:

***These pertain to UTIs

This study is interesting to me. It followed two women with reoccurring UTIs that had become resistant to antibiotics. Their quality of life had really gone down and both of them faced depression. (Sounds familiar.) They tried parsley (which I recommended) and a few other things combined with GARLIC and both of them were able to keep UTIs at bay for at least 6 months. This is a HUGE win. Also interesting, when they stopped taking garlic– the UTIs came back.

This study is an in Vivo study and talked about how garlic can help the urinary tract and potentially help the kidneys as well.

This study talked about how over 56% of UTIs become resistant to antibiotics and that garlic could be effective at helping combat them and other bacterial infections.

This study talked about people in hospitals who are susceptible to getting infections, specially UTIs from the use of a catheter. Their conclusion? Using garlic can be a great preventative measure.

This study argues for the need for alternative treatments to infections rather than just prescribing antibiotics all the time. They believe garlic is an alternative cure to look to.

…..Have you ever tried garlic for treating UTIs, Violets? Garlic + Lemon Water + Cayenne pepper is my go-to. Multiple times a day when I feel something coming on or am needing to treat an existing one. I’ve been trying it the last 3 weeks and can say it is quite effective.

ALWAYS HERE if you need someone to talk to. You’re not alone! I’m @TheVioletFog on IG.