Hey y’all.

Since day one I’ve been insanely transparent about who I am working with or not. If something is sponsored or not. I call things like I see them in my reviews and I’ve always believed that honesty is the best policy in my line of work. You can’t make everyone happy or like everything, you know? I am not a “yes” writer and never will be. And at the end of the day, it’s the reader who I care about, FAR more than the brand. I want to keep everyone’s trust!!

Only 95% of the content on The Violet Fog is unsponsored. Not many blogs/websites can say that. For that reason, as you’ll see in the video, making money can be…. tricky…. to say the least.

But as always, I’ll forever keep it 100 with you guys! Your support means the world to me and I value our relationship very much. Hope you find this insightful! Would love to hear your thoughts or answer any questions you have! Send em my way!

P.S Definitely trying to get better with my “filler” words… making videos is new to me so this is going to be a learning process! I’m very aware of my overuse of certain terms and will work on cutting that down. Promise!

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