Right now everyone is la la loooooving Trader Joe’s Gnocchi. And while the ingredients are pretty clean (probably not the highest of quality though, also it has potato starch which is zero nutritional value) you can make something even MORE nutrient dense and guess what!? Only TWO ingredients. And can I mention this 2 ingredient gnocchi recipe is SO EASY.

So far I have used: cauliflower,  broccoli, and sweet potato.

My FAVORITE to use is broccoli because you KNOW my opinion on this vegetable. 😛 If you don’t, be sure to read my article but here’s a quick rundown of the what the research says about broccoli:

1. It helps to keep your colon clean which in turn helps your gut biome.
2. It helps keep your mind sharp.
3. It helps with inflammation.
4. It wards off cancerous cells
5. It’s great for skin due to its high antioxidant content.

So that’s why I prefer broccoli gnocchi!


Easy 2 Ingredient Gnocchi Recipe

This recipe is by FAR credited to LIL SIPPER— one of my favorite health bloggers and recipe creators. She makes this with cauliflower. I love following that woman! So smart and such a light on the gram.

2 Ingredient Gnocchi Recipe – What you will need

A 2 medium heads of broccoli.
1 1/2 cup of Cassava Flour

How to make 2 ingredient Healthy Gnocchi

1. Simply STEAM the broccoli. You want it REALLY soft.
2. After the broccoli is steamed, blend it up in the blender. Fully blended!
3. Combine the flour and broccoli and stir. It will be doughy.
4. Bring a BIG pot of water to a boil.
5. While the water is heating up, roll up the dough into balls. (Whatever size gnocchi you want- I like em big!)
6. Once boiling, start to drop in the balls. They will rise to the top when done!
7. Top your gnocchi with a sauce of choice! Sometimes I go simple with just olive oil and seasoning.

2 ingredient gnocchi recipe Healthy Gnocchi Recipe

Healthy Gnocchi Recipe

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