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Off The Grid is a goooood time. Being out in the fresh air, enjoying damn good food, everyone in high spirits, people socializing.

But hot DAMN is Off The Grid Expensive. Like, expensive as &%#$… let’s just keep it real.

You’d think foodie trucks would be less expensive than stand still restaurants- but one friday night or sunday afternoon at Off The Grid and you’d be surprised just how quick your ass can spend $30-$40 or more. Like, cool.. guess I’m not going grocery shopping for a few days.

But fret not, foodie lovers. For I have a guide to all the bomb eats at OTG that you will leave you fulfilled on less than a $20 bill. A lot of them for less than $10.

Before I list them out, here’s three things to know before you even show up to the event:

1. This one has more to do with saving time than money- but you’ll want to get there within the first hour of it starting. After the first hour, lines will have tripled. After the second hour, lines will have… whatever 7X is. Lines get longggggg. Get there early.

2. Believe it or not, aside from bringing your own water, the cheapest place to buy bottled water is at the Information Desk- only $1.

3. To keep your spending down, figure out what you want before you get there. The guide following is a helpful breakdown. You can get one in each category and spend less than $20.

Off the Grid SF

Entrees and Sides:

The Belly Sandwich at Bacon Bacon: $10 // Their signature– highly recommended 

The Combo Plate at Bini’s Kitchen: $10 //  Nepalese goodness: Jeer Rice, Gurkha Chicken and 4 momos (dumplings)

The BBQ Rice Bowl at Bombzie’s Korean BBQ: $9 // One of the most filling and satisfying of all the entrees

The California Sisig Burrito at Sensor Sisig: $9 // Filipino Asian fusion. This burrito has fries in it. Uh, nom?!

The Chix and Waffles Sandwich at Bok Ssam: $9 // Asian American comfort food

The Drewski Dog at Drewski’s Hot Dog Kitchen: $7 // Bacon wrapped beef hot dog topped with sooo much good stuff

The Mac and Cheese Spring Rolls at 3-Sum Eats: $7 // Gooey on the inside, crispy spring roll on the outside. AND topped with Siracha sauce. Ohhhh yeah.

The Brussel Sprouts at 3-Sum Eats: $7 // If you want to keep it healthy- these are WAY tasty.

The Maui Fish Taco (one) at Taco Guys: $6 // It’s their “world famous” but one taco for $6? It’s bomb, but your call…

The Drewski’s Famous Tots at Drewski’s Hot Dog Kitchen: $4 // Tossed in fresh garlic and rosemary. YUM!

The Seasoned Fries at Bok Ssam: $3



The Filipino Ice Cream at Sensor Sisig: $5 // Flavors change weekly

The Salty Caramel Ice Cream Taco at Rocko’s Ice Cream Tacos: $4 // With dark chocolate and roasted almonds.. yes.

The Crodough at Johnny’s Doughnuts: $3.50 // A pastry cream filled croissant donut that literally MELTS in your mouth.

The Salted Caramel at Johnny’s Doughnuts: $3.50

The Mango Lassi at Bini’s Kitchen: $3 // Nepalese smoothie

The Chocolate Covered Bacon at Bacon Bacon: $3 // Sweet AND savory.

Specialty Drinks:

Cold Brew Coffee at Johnny’s Doughnuts: $3

Mexican Coke Bottle at Taco Guys: $3

What’s your favorite trucks at Off The Grid?!

Research by: Alison Van de Berghe

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