Okay. I’m a nerd. I save a lot of Youtube vids for different purposes. A lot of them I always plan on showing you guys… it’s just a matter of me:

A- remembering to post them and
B- organizing them in a way that makes sense.

So these particular Youtube videos always give me a of boost of confidence! I find it so amusing how women exude confidence differently in different areas of life. What confidence looks like and means to them. There’s always a common theme woven in confidence just in general of course, but I like to see how it manifests in unique ways for everyone and how we can all absorb something positive from a person- even if we don’t entirely relate to them. Ya feel me?

First up: Dita Von Teese and the art of seduction. I will never have this level of dedication to this kind of
“art” nor would it be “me” if I ever tried to act like her but I do feel a burst of inspiration from her confidence in watching this. Not saying I agree with everything but her views on keeping a certain natural air about yourself is fascinating.

Second up: Flossie Lewis. 91 year old who feels 15. Homegirl keeps it SO HONEST about growing old… like really really old. Not like “I’m 42, I’m old!” (42 is not old.) Anyway, her take on life is so damn refreshing. Lighthearted too, I really appreciate it.

Third up: The power of just KNOWING you can do it. Whatever it is! Freaking LOVE this quick little interview clip with Gabby Douglas and Queen Latifah back in 2014 about whether or not she was training for the RIO Olympics. You know.. the one we just had where she did compete. Chills! (Reminds of that book “The Secret”)

And lastly: Daily affirmations. This little girl just makes me smile so much. I know she’s like.. two years old.. life hasn’t had much of a chance to knock her on her butt yet. Nonetheless,  her positivity is just awesome. I hope she keeps this up throughout her life. This reminds me to tell myself on the reg the many things I should be celebrating and happy about in life.

What videos do you guys love for a quick boost of confidence? #BrainIsTheNewAss

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