I remember taking a call from Saje Wellness. Their thing is aromatherapy. Essential/Diffusing oils. (This not sponsored by the way, just setting the stage.)

So I took the call and I was like…. aromatherapy though?  Always seemed a litttttle quacky to me. GOTTA BE HONEST.

But then I realized how often I started hearing about it. Aromatherapy. And while buzzy/trendy things aren’t my typical go-to, I do wonder… but why are people talking about it?

I love experiments. So…

I gave it a go. Next thing you know arriving at my house are all these essential oils, a beautiful diffuser, the works. I was excited… this was new. I’d keep my mind open to it.

First I tried topical essential oils. The kind you rub onto your skin. They sent me this cute “pocket pharmacy” that has an oil for headaches, stress, tummy aches, pain, and relaxation. It’s tiny, easy to toss in your purse… pretty convenient. But was I actually going to use it?

I started using the peppermint oil (halo- their most popular) for car sickness. I get carsick VERY EASILY. So I reached for this, sometimes their stress one. I don’t know if it’s a placebo, but I really felt like putting these concentrated oils on my temples, under my jaw, and on my wrists to be effective in curbing car sickness. They create these soothing, hot-cold sensations that I really like. It almost makes you refocus and relax a bit.

I’ve also used the peppermint for headaches and hangovers and I reallllllly liked it. I DO think it makes a difference.

During my Anna’s wedding weekend (my BFF), I continuously lent her my lavender oil and she loved it. Said it was really calming for her.

When I had cramps, I used their “gutzy” oil on my stomach (blend of fennel, peppermint and chamomile) and I don’t know that it did that much but it did feel nice to just do for myself. It was soothing.

And can I just say- I love these fresh ass scents. Sooooo nice.

Now let’s talk about DIFFUSING OILS. Like in your home. Because that’s a whole other ball game that I’m exploring but -so far- believing in. More than mood support, there is an emotional benefit that comes with aromatherapy.

When you’re setting up certain dimensions of your environment (in this case, smell) – you’re making a conscious choice to support a certain mood or mental state. Is it going to be… relaxing? Uplifting? Something spicy? Maybe nostalgic? You choose something that will support how you’re wanting to feel. 

I really got into diffusing oils right after my car accident. After it happened, I had a certain kind of anxiety that wasn’t there before. I was going through this thing where I was hyper aware of what could go wrong in any moment. I mean hello- a giant BUCK jumped out at me on a FREEWAY so… nothing was sounding too crazy for me in the moment. Anything could happen. I was so jumpy! Especially in cars.

What I’d do: turn on my diffuser (the one I have here) and put in oils that relaxed me. One that set this intention of- okay, things are alright. You’re safe, you’re fine. Relax. It’s allllll good. There were two scents I loved most: one was tranquility by Saje and the other was Frankincense that I got from the Dr. Axe website. <—-my favorite holistic Doctor on the internet ps! Both made me feel emotionally focused. Quietly powerful. That’s the best way I can describe it. So now, whenever I turn on my diffuser with those oils- it immediately brings me to a specific mental state. There’s something to be said about that, you know? Really makes me think that aromatherapy has it’s true place of being a healthy, loving, and satisfying act that I can do for myself and the people around me.

Aromatherapy is some powerful shit. lol (Would be awesome if there were more studies though. Controlled, science-y ones!)

If you give it a real chance, aromatherapy can be very effective for specific needs. Otherwise, it’s just something nice for the home. Which is still a good reason to do it. Burn oils. Ya feel me? It can be as serious or as not serious as you’d like.

What do y’all think of essential oils? You know I live for a Violet’s opinion. #BrainIsTheNewAss we are smart ladies! xx

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    Yes! I used aromatherapy when I’d study for college exams or do my homework. I’d spray myself with this lemon mixture while studying, and then again during the exam — it really helped me channel that moment of studious I GOT THIS attitude I had while learning/prepping for the exam. Oils can be so very comforting. Peppermint for headaches has been my go to for ages. ♥

    Plus I’ve heard that scent is the strongest of our senses linked to memory. 🙂


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