My food actually comes first in life.

And then my camera/iphone is a close 2nd.

Before you get all Judge Judy on me… YES I am that Asian girl in the restaurant taking a million pics of my food while my sandwich is getting cold, and probably soggy lol. I know this.

Now that we got that out of the way…

If you follow me @cyneats, then you already know… I’m all about the #foodporn!!

Yah. Food porn. It’s a thing… and everyone loves to take pictures of their food these days, not just Asians!

But lemme tell yah, there are certain types of photos that people seem to loose their sh*t over. Like ice cream pics, donut pics or burger pics. Basically the more outrageous the photo, the better.

Soooooo presenting: my TOP 8 favorite places in SF for food porn:

1. Burger 

Hold up✋?#WheresMyBacon? #ItsOkay #illLetItSlide ? @superduperburgers

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Where: Super Duper Burger (or any burger joint)  Tip: Hold your burger up, you want the light to hit the burger in all the right places. Slightly increase your exposure & contrast to make the colors pop!

2. Sushirrito


My FAV type of burrito #sushirrito A photo posted by @cyneats on

Where: Sushirrito (there are multiple locations all over the city).

Tip: It looks “meh” when it’s just sitting inside the box. Take both burritos and hold it in one hand. BOOM!

3.  Any ice cream spot

Twice as nice cream cones ??

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Guys, lemme tell you, people go crazy over ice cream pics. Why? I dunno either. They just do.

Where: Smitten Ice Cream, Humphry Slocombe, Mitchell’s Ice Cream (<– my three fav spots in SF!)

Tip: Find a nice background for your ice cream (ie: cool backgrounds, walls, etc). I usually look for a spot before I order my ice cream and then I RUN to it. Sometimes it’s even across the street lol.

4. Tartine Bakery

Party of one ??#sugar and #carbs only

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Where: Tartine Bakery is one of the best bakeries in San Francisco. Not only is the food photogenic, it’s also freaking delicious. Get the morning bun, the lemon tarts, a slice of cake and you’re all good to go.  Btw, I’m very much obsessed with everything here. Tip: Lighting here is key. Make sure you find a spot by the window, but you also don’t want to be in direct sunlight. 

5. Donuts


Where: Bob’s Donut is one of the OG spots in San Francisco. They are open 24/7, but this giant one gets sold out by the afternoon.

Tip: People loveeeeee donuts, especially different/crazy ones. There’s really no bad way to take a picture of a donut, unless you’re photo-challenged.

6. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Where: Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is one of my favorite bakeries on the face of this planet. Honestly, you just can’t go wrong with anything here and you have to wake EARLY to stand in line. Tip: Get the cruffin, cut into it, get your camera ready and take a picture of it as it oozes out goodness.  

7. The Donut Burger


  DoNUT mess with my burger #donutBurger ?? ??   A photo posted by @cyneats on

  Where: Straw in Hayes Valley. Since people go crazy over donuts and burgers, it’s only natural that this donut burger is a HUGE hit on IG. Tip: Since it’s too big to hold with one hand (thats what she said!), hold it with two & have a friend take a picture. 

8. Sandwiches

Where: American Grilled Cheese Kitchen (or any other bomb ass sandwich shop)

Tip: The sandwich doesn’t actually come looking like this. I put the two halfs together so it looks like one big melty #foodporn sandwich.