If there’s one question I get ALL the time, it’s “Cynthia, how do you stay so thin??”

Well, lemme tell ya, as a Foodie Journalist… it’s hard as shit!

While I indulge all the time #yolo, I also need to have to work out ALL the time and watch my diet if I want to stay in shape.

In fact, earlier this year when I was getting into food blogging full-time, I gained 15lbs! FIFTEEEENN!! GUYS, this wasn’t just period/water-weight either. Nothing tells you you’re gaining weight like jeans that don’t zip up- JEANS DON’T LIE.

I knew I had to make some changes pronto.

SO. To loose those 15lbs, I stepped up my workout game and changed my diet. But don’t get me wrong- I’m not necessarily eating less… ya’ll know I still LOVE my burgers, I’m just eating right and I know what to avoid.

Here are some tips on how to eat like a champ, and not gain a ton of weight:

+ I avoid carbs like the plague: you’ll rarely find me eating spaghetti or lasagna at night. Although once in a while, I’ll go HAM on that pizza! Both literally and figuratively lol.

+ Whenever bread comes to the table, I tell them to take it away (unless I’m with friends). If I must have bread, I’ll only eat the crust.

+ For breakfast- I eat 2 hard boiled eggs every morning (partly because it’s super easy and doesn’t require any cooking skills). I am super strict about this. I used to eat cereal until I found out that it contains a F*CK TON of sugar, sicko-ingredients, and other stuff that’s bad for your system.

+ Grocery shopping: since I can’t cook, well okay… can’t/don’t cook… my shopping list is fairly simple. I only buy fruits, milk, quinoa, eggs, and organic pot stickers from Costco that I love.

+ I eat a TON of fruit to check my sugar cravings. I used to eat a lot of candy. If any of you guys knew me back then (my 15lb heavier self), I used to have candy EVERYWHERE. In my purse, on my desk, under my pillow… lol jk. But really, it was next to my pillow on my night stand. Eating fruit keeps me in check.

+ I avoid soda and other sugary drinks. I only drink my calories if it’s a cocktail.

+ I share EVERYTHING. Yes, even my donuts and cupcakes. This helps more than you think. Instant calorie slasher.

+ I TRY to eat early dinners (5:30pm-6:30pm), so that I can avoid going to bed on a full stomach. This one is kinda by accident though- natural lighting makes for better photos. #foodbloggerproblems

Now let’s talk about exercising and working out:

I think about them tacos and them donuts and that motivates me to sweat it out!

+ My goal is to workout everyday but life gets in the way- so realistically, I workout 4-5 times a week. I only take a day off if I happen to be EXTREMELY sore from a previous workout or if I’m swamped with work.

+ Since I HATE going to the gym, I’ll take all different types of classes to work out different areas of my body. THANK YOU CLASSPASS! (<– not sponsored, I just really love them). It keeps it fun and interesting. Tip: find an activity that you love. My favorites?

  1. Hot yoga (gotta sweat out dem tacos!) 2. Pilates (to tone those legs & abs) and 3. Boxing (good for the arms and punching shit!)


+ If you don’t have Classpass, don’t worry. Just do different exercises at the gym every time. Mix cardio with weights. Work arms and legs. Run outside or climb the stair master. Do intervals. Anything, just move your body!

So that’s it! Are any of you guys total foodies? What are your fool proof tricks and tips to keeping the weight in check? Even your tips that seem way “out there.” You gotta spill!!!

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