It’s been sooo long since I’ve actually STAYED in a San Francisco hotel. Since– you know, I live here.

So when readers write in asking me about cool places to stay in SF, I can really only say, “Well, I’ve HEARD this spot and that spot etc is cool, but I don’t know first hand.”

WELL– I finally have a hotel recommendation I’ve stayed at and it’s one I loved loved LOVED visiting.

The Intercontinental Hotel. In SoMa. BEAUTIFUL.

Backstory: Nao (From Portland- on Team VF) came to visit SF and she really wanted us to stay in a hotel one night. So we reached out to Wagstaff PR (small perk of having a publication) and they gave us a discounted rate to try out their hotel that they work with. And they spoiled us! It was so sweet.

We met someone at the hotel’s VIP club (I’ll say who in a bit) and holy smokes does this make for a good story. KEEP READING! I’ll fill you in halfway through. First I want to tell you about this gorgeous hotel.

First off. The staff is SO SO SO NICE. Like, some of the nicest (and coolest) hotel staff. I just had to say that because I think it really does add to the experience.

Happy people working there. (This is there Michelin starred restaurant LUCE by the way.) It’s a super sexy spot!

Love the entrance of the hotel. (All the decor is neutral, industrial, and classic.)

Their indoor pool is also so swanky and clean. We didn’t get to swim, but I imagine it woulda been lovely.

They have a stunning outdoor patio where people can throw events…

That’s Nao by the way. 🙂

Their rooms are modern with gorgeous views. AND COMFY ASS BEDS. We stayed in that night and just worked on our laptops and even just being IN the room felt luxurious.

The details matter!

So because we were covering the hotel for a media piece, we were given access to their VIP club. Which is amazing- fully stocked bar with a bartender there. Tons of delicious food. (Even burgers from LUCE downstairs! Sooo good.) The breakfasts were insane. The desserts were insane. We had a ball there… they even have all these magazines and newspapers for you to enjoy. And beautiful views ALL around ughhhh it was so grand.

Okay so STORY TIME! So Nao and I were running around like little kids all excited taking pics. We were just enjoying the hotel so much. All the sudden this older gentleman approaches us and is basically like, “What the heck are you guys doing?” And we told him about Violet Fog, yada yada. He appreciated our hustle and turns out he was one of the PARTNERS in the hotel! Like whatttttttt. So he was like, “I remember being young and hungry for experience and work too. Do you guys want a cool exclusive?!” And we were like HELL YEAH. (This guy was SO kind.)

So he ends up letting us tour the Presidential suite where President OBAMA would stay most of the time whenever we came to San Francisco! It was sooooo cool to see. And honestly, one of the most regal rooms we have ever been in.

He told us about how he’d have meetings at this table, walk out on the patio… have his team all around him. Iconic. Being in there almost gave us chills. Just wanted to share with you how beautiful it was.

And then this gentleman (who is 100% legit- we googled, duh) sat with us for an HOUR and just gave us all the valuable advice on business and life. I’m telling you… older people know what’s up. We appreciated his wisdom SO MUCH. Getting to pick his brain -such an accomplished person- was so cool for us.

All in all it was the coolest experience ever and this hotel is just fabulous. Definitely recommend staying there if you ever travel to San Francisco (Or want to go on a staycation.) They will take AMAZING care of you.

The Intercontinental.
888 Howard Street.

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