I have a bit of a shopping problem. Too bad I can’t exactly afford it! But in a city like San Francisco, it’s hard not to have one. First of all, the style in this city is unique, progressive, and fresh, while also being casual and often ethically and/or environmentally conscious. It attracts some of the most creative and innovative creators, makers, and designers in the world. Which means that some of the coolest and most covetable products and apparel are headquartered—maybe even being made—right. here.

It’s kind of hard to keep up with it all! But we did the hard work for you 🙂 Check out some of our favorites and keep in mind this list is in no way complete. We’ll keep adding to it, and we’d love to hear from you, as well!


Cuyana’s motto is “fewer, better things” and it’s a great one—albeit a hard one—to live by. Good thing they make it easy with beautiful, classic pieces! They specialize in bags (think totes, carry-alls, and small leather goods) but also make chic and layer-able (you know you can’t get enough of those in SF!) apparel, and use the finest materials from Argentina, Peru, and Italy. I have the small carryall tote in cream and I’m obsessed with it—it’s the perfect size for your everyday needs and looks good with everything. Plus, they monogram! You can purchase online or at their showroom in Union Square, which is also their office!


If you haven’t heard of Everlane yet…well…welcome to the bandwagon. This company is taking off in a major way, but lucky for us, they’re headquartered here. They’re all about what they call ‘radical transparency’ which is hipster-speak for knowing where your clothes come from, how they’re made, and the breakdown of what it costs to make them. They started with basic t-shirts and canvas totes, and have expanded into basics that run the gamut from sweaters and dresses to outerwear and shoes. Their aesthetic is classic, but even if that’s not your style, you’ll find something (lots of things) you’ll want. They also have 1-hour delivery available…just saying…


Nooworks was established in SF in 2004 and they make everything in the U.S. What’s cool about them is they work directly with artists to design their funky, fun, and eye-catching patterns, fabrics, and cuts. Some of the prints I’ve seen at Nooworks I’ve never seen anywhere else, which makes me want them all! Plus, their shapes look flattering on all kinds of body types. You can shop at their super cute store at 14th & Valencia or online.


Batsu Maru jewelry is designed and handcrafted in San Francisco. The 14k gold-filled sustainable pieces are simple and delicate, not to mention totally layerable, easy to wear with absolutely everything, and affordable. Find them on Etsy. (And if you’re a sucker for adorable packaging, you won’t be disappointed.)


Ali Golden’s designs are described on her website as ‘inherently versatile and uniquely suited for all occasions’. That pretty much sums it up. Also, her bags are rad, not to mention often sold out! They’re designed and produced in Oakland, where she has a brick + mortar shop, but you can also find them online, or in the many stores that stock her designs, because this girl is blowing up!


Full disclosure: I didn’t know much about this company until my girl Katey told me about it (Violet Fog is such a #NiceGirlsClub!) but they’re seriously bad-ass. They promote the idea that every woman should feel comfortable in their own skin, and they make awesome lingerie for every body type to help you do just that. They have tons of pretty styles and help you find the perfect fit. And I have to go now because I’m busy shopping on their site and taking their Fit Quiz to find what’s gonna fit me best okay bye xoxo

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