Let me just start off by saying:

This is the funnest and most interactive dinner experience I’ve ever had!

Guys! It’s right up there next to State Birds and The Progress.

They have an open kitchen where they encourage you to walk around, talk to the chefs, take pictures, and even write down notes on a lazy bear note pad.

I MEAN-!!! It was like a foodie’s dream come true. For once in my life, I can take as many food pics as I want–> without people thinking “oh look, there’s another Asian girl taking a million food pics, lets STARE at her.”

At Lazy Bear, everyone else was doing it, so I actually felt normal for once lol.

Lazy Bear

This is an awesome and fun place to enjoy fine dining without the pretentiousness. By design, I met so many cool people before, during, and after dinner. It’s so much fun to connect with other foodies and get their take on things!

Side: a special shoutout to Uber for inviting me here to celebrate their 5 year anniversary! This place has been on my foodie list for soooooo long. Thank you guys for reserving a seat for me, ya’ll are the best! #uberturns5

So what actually happens during dinner?

Once you walk in, they greet you at the door and take you up stairs into a comfy cabin-esque decorated lounge/living room with leather couches and small tables. This is also where you begin your round of appetizers, so find a comfy seat next to some cool people!

Here’s the view from upstairs:

Lazy Bear 1

After the appetizers are served, they take you down stairs and you grab a seat at the long communal tables.

This is where the real fun begins.

Lazy Bear 2

They even give you a booklet of their menu items so you can write down all your thoughts/notes!

Side: because I was too busy taking pictures and snapchatting, I didn’t have time to write any notes down. But my awesome neighbor let me take a peak inside his:

Lazy Bear 3

(words of a true foodie)

Since their ~12 course menu changes quite often, I won’t bore you with every detail of every dish.

Here are some pics:

Lazy Bear 4

Lazy Bear 5

Lazy Bear 6

Lazy Bear 7

Lazy Bear 8

Lazy Bear 9

So to sum it all up:

Unless you’re allergic to fun and good food, then you HAVE to come here! Reservations are hard to get since there are only two seatings a night: 6pm and 830pm. You pay for your tickets in advance to secure a spot and there are no refunds. A ticket will cost around $135 per person and it’s totally worth it.

You guys gotta check it out!

Lazy Bear 10

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