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I’m 29 and married, with a house, dog, white picket fence… the whole shebang. I’m totally your cliche “wifey.” I also work full time in the city. (San Jose —> SF. Cal Train baby what whatttt.) 😉

My husband works full time too. We share household responsibilities. Our deal is simple: he cooks and I clean. Trust me, you do NOT want me at the helm of any meal-making situation.

As a wannabe domestic goddess doing her best to keep a house clean while balancing a career– I am not exaggerating when I say I have been LUSTING for a robotic-vacuum-cleaner-thingy for a few years now. Why?

Personally I always asked/told myself: “Imagine how much time and energy one of those things would save me!”

I’m serious. Time saved was the biggest allure to me with this robo-vacuum thing.

Whenever I ask successful women how they “do it all”, they always tell me it’s all about protecting your time, or that time is the most valuable asset you have, or some variation of that theme.

Katey had gotten to test out a bObi pet vacuum for her apartment and she LOVED it… and then she let ME have the bObi— she knew I’d use it more since I have more area to clean than she does and also… I have a dog!

Leland our rescue dog who sheds 100 lbs of hair a week!!! *sigh* Love him.

So -nerd alert- I already had heard that bObi was the cream of the crop when it came to robo vacuums… so I was SUPER excited about trying this thing.

If I’m being totally honest, upon holding that bObi in my hands for the first time…. my initial reactions were “I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire life” and “I wonder if I can get my dog to ride on it and go viral like that Shark Cat Roomba video“… Oh, and of course…. “Will it work?”

Fast forward a few weeks and I have to say I’m in LUUUUUURVE with a robot and his name is bObi (I’ve nicknamed him Bobby if you have to know). This version has more sensors and brushes than previous bObi robots (80 sensors total to be exact!) and it’s got a sleek, modern design that fits nicely in our house. It’s quiet, and comes with a remote so that you can schedule it when you’re not going to be home. And the most important thing? It works. My house feels clean, and it’s one less thing for me to do everyday. You can’t get back time… to me, a bObi is so worth the investment. This thing even mops. It’s INSANE.

So if you were ever considering getting one, if you keep dreaming about one like I did– then you know you’d probably benefit from getting a robot vacuum cleaner! Especially if you’re after buying yourself more time for enjoyable things. Or work things. Or exercise things. Whatever. Just not cleaning things. 😉


No Shame In Saying I’m Also Being lazy 😛

Story by: @KerrieBrynn on Twitter!

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