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Local Spots To Hit In The Mission Neighborhood San Francisco

You may think you’ve seen and done it all in one take in the Mission neighborhood in San Francisco, but truth is, one will never “see and do it all” in the Mission, even if they live there. There’s always something to check out in this neighborhood.

First off, something wonky! 😉

Fancy Yourself a Game of Indoor Golf at Urban Putt (1096 S. Van Ness at 22nd Street)
An indoor mini-golf course that’s as funky and fun as the neighborhood it resides in. Not only can you play 14 holes on the zany, high-tech course… but you can eat and drink, too! Urban Putt is situated in a Victorian house, with two bars and a restaurant inside. Combined with the mini-golf course, it’s a unique and different kind of experience you’ll truly enjoy having.

Sip a Hot Masala Chai at Samovar Tea (411 Valencia St.)
This has got to be one of the coolest tea bars in San Francisco. The interior is a gorgeous white made up of limestone and touches of copper with intriguing seating arrangements. The tea is of the highest quality and their Masala Chai tops out as a local favorite- served in their “Valencia” mug of course, an ode to popular Mission Street. Their tea is literally like a hug in a cup. Pro Tip: Their toast is incredible. They have plenty of healthy options, too, like their salmon bowl… which is in a perfect-for-on-the-go Mason jar.

Brunch It UP, Y’all: Lolo’s (974 Valencia St.)
Can there ever be enough Mexican restaurants in the Mission? The answer is no! With a new cocktail list that just launched (it’s divine) and a mouth-watering Jaliscan-Californian inspired menu, Lolo’s is sure to give your tastebuds a wild ride when you dine here. With their funky-fun and personalized decor and their super friendly staff, brunch here is always lively and full of feel-good vibes.

Catch an Intimate Concert at The Chapel (777 Valencia St.)
Old church turned renovated music venue: The Chapel in the Mission is a music lover’s destination for when they want to intertwine some San Francisco culture with their music scene. With a 40-foot arched ceiling, two stories, an outdoor patio and a restaurant/bar… this place not only looks cool, but is cool. The locals will agree!

Combine Good Times and Great Sushi at Blowfish Sushi Bar (2170 Bryant St.)
What sets apart Blowfish from all other sushi spots is that a musically driven, artistically edgy atmosphere is what drives the fun here. Live DJ’s, anime on the wall, crazy lights… that’s Blowfish for you! Always a good time. Oh, and always good sushi, of course!

Enjoy Food That’s Almost Too Beautiful to Eat at Dosa (995 Valencia St.)
Seriously, the South Indian food served at Dosa is plated so beautifully you’re probably going to want to take a picture or two of your meal before you eat it. The cocktails are superb and the food is delicious. The cherry on top is the festive decor- an echo of how awesomely diverse the Mission neighborhood is.

Shop and People Watch on Valencia Street
The shops on Valencia Street are really special because you’ll notice that this street has no chains or any sign of commercialistic shops or buildings. It’s very “San Francisco” in that way- staying true to keeping it quirky and unique! You’ll find independent shops with specialties ranging from artisan chocolate, to vintage clothing, to customizable backpacks, to fancy perfumeries, to local stationary. The shopping is wonderful and full of “hidden gems” and the people watching is just as entertaining. You get all walks of life in the Mission, and many of them roam along Valencia Street.

SFers– what local spots are your favorite in the Mission Neighborhood? 

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