I am never ever going back to non-natural make up brands. Ever. The first time I tried Jane Iredale I was with Katey and Nao, who  I begrudgingly took to the Nordstrom salon. I was in the market for a new highlighting powder and I used the Jane Iredale store locator feature to track the product down. After the Nordstrom clerk applied the make up, I looked in the mirror all I could think was: “shimmer fish“. Since Nao and Katey had no idea what “shimmer fish” meant at that point, they showered me with compliments like “it’s so glowy” and “you have to get it”. That’s all it took for me to purchase the Rose Dawn highlighter.

One thing- it is expensive. For real. It cost me like $68 (including the compact). But wow. It is one beautiful product.

So I went home and trolled the Jane Iredale online site. The online shopping experience is excellent. They answer your questions quickly and are responsive in the forums. When I went through the customer reviews, I saw that the company answered to negative and positive customer feedback. (I love supporting brands that are good to their customers.)

I wanted to try some of their other products to see if they were just as magical. So I contacted Jane Iredale and they sent me some of their summer collection.

PurePressed Eyeshadow

The colors on their eyeshadow pallet are pretty. They are pigmented and smooth. And the colors are gorgeous.

PureGloss Lip Gloss

I have to be honest: not a huge fan of the lip gloss. Maybe it’s because I’m not a huge lip gloss kind of girl. I gave it a try and it smelled nice, but didn’t really add to my “look”.

In Touch Cream Blush

I wasn’t initially sold on cream blushes. I didn’t understand why I wouldn’t just use a powder blush. After this blush, I am a changed woman. The blush goes on creamy and keeps your cheeks moisturizer and glowy. AND you can blend it with your finger tips. 1 less brush to carry! The color is subtle and natural. It is GORGEOUS.

Peaches & Cream Bronzer

Can I please get each and every one of Jane Iredale’s bronzer pallets please? I use this thing to highlight and bronze and it is subtle, but noticable. I love.

I also HIGHLY recommend the Rose Dawn bronzer. The bronzer portion shows up a better on darker skin.

Piece of advice: these bronzers are very fragile (which is why they apply so smoothly). I would not go around throwing them all over the place.

Mini Story: I went into a department store recently looking for a highlighter and a clerk came up to me and was like, “you are going to LOVE this highlighter- it’s going to look SO amazing. Everyone loves it.” She applied it and moved me to an area with “best light” (her words). I really didn’t like it. That highlighter was patchy- too sparkly – and looked like glitter. There’s a difference between “shimmer fish” and glitter craft project. The Jane Iredale bronzer = “shimmer fish”. I digresss.

One thing is- I prefer the quad layout of the compact over this new line layout. It makes it easier to highlight vs bronze.

PureMoist Lipstick

Their lipstick is SO moisturizing, and has a very delicate tint. No more crusty lips- yahoo! I now use it every day. Seriously, I am obsessed. The lipstick is pigmented and the colors are beautiful. It doesn’t have a whole lot of staying power, but I like that it gives your lips subtle color when it rubs off. Trying this lipstick makes me want to buy ALL of Jane Iredale’s lipsticks.

I may seem over-the-top excited in this review, but I genuinely like Jane Iredale make up. A lot. I’ve tried quite a few different natural make up brands this year and I would HIGHLY recommend Jane Iredale. It’s made with natural ingredients, it feels good on my skin, AND it makes you look like a shimmer fish. If I could only buy 3  Jane Iredale products, I would buy the lipstick, blush, and bronzer (duh).

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