People have been sleeping on mango butter.

It ranks up there with shea butter and cocoa butter but doesn’t get NEAR the praise that it deserves! Mango butter is packed with nutrient-dense fats. It’s packed with Vitamin A (anti-aging) and Vitamin E (soothing) and not to mention, TONS of natural antioxidants.

Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE SHEA AND COCOA BUTTER. I use both. But I genuinely like mango butter even better for all over skin care.

Speaking of- I have completely given up store bought lotions. I can’t handle all the chemicals and fragrances and bullshit added it. It’s just NOT good for the skin. And I always feel like my skin feels good for the moment but then over time nothing truly improves.

Well I’m here to tell you- your skin tone WILL improve with mango butter. It has transformed the skin on my legs and arms. I am so much more hydrated on a consistent basis- even when I haven’t used the butter in a few days. My skin is less inflamed. My skin just feels GOOD. I love it so much.

I am so happy to share with you my recipe! I add apricot oil and chamomile flowers to it, but it’s not totally necessary. I used plain mango butter on its own for months and was SOLD BABY SOLD. I firmly believe there is no better body butter.

Mango Butter Benefits

Research even proves that mango butter is an excellent emollient– it legit helps rebuild a naturally occlusive, protective barrier on the skin.

Research shows mango butter is amazing for sensitive skin. Citing zero irritants in human volunteers.

If you want to see another great article on mango butter- it is worth the read! Very detailed.

What to know about Mango Butter

If you buy mango butter- make sure you purchase from a brand that is COMPLETELY PURE AND ORGANIC. Why jip the ingredients with fillers or non-organic? Get the real deal. Better Shea Butter’s brand, since from day one, has been my go-to. And no this isn’t sponsored!

Typically mango butter will come in a brick- it’s a soft butter so you can just break pieces off and have it melt into your skin. My recipe below requires whipping but it’s just optional.

Mango Butter Recipe

If you want to get your DIY on- I highly recommend this recipe. It smells AMAZING and adds a layer of oil in it too that just pumps the whole thing up. AGAIN- the oil and flowers are not necessary. They are just an added bonus.

What you need:

8oz of mango butter
4oz of apricot oil (read my apricot oil post here– this oil is Queen!)
1 cup dried chamomile flowers (these are very soothing and smell soooooo good.)

A strainer for the flowers
A measuring cup
A glass jar (or can use a measuring cup- this is for melting)
A stove
A container for the finished product

***I used all ingredients from Better Shea Butter- not sponsored, but incredibly loyal to this brand. All organic and sourced ethically and truly the purest I can find! Mango butter here. Apricot oil here. Chamomile flowers here.

mango butter benefits

Photos below instructions!

Step 1: Measure out one cup of chamomile flowers. Some people like to put this through a sifter because there are tiny particles but they don’t bug me!)

Step 2: Put chamomile flowers into a measuring cup or jar and pour in 4oz of oil. I love apricot!

Step 3: Create a double boiler system but putting about 1 1/2-2 inches of water into a pot and set it on low heat. Drop in the jar/cup into the water and let the flowers infuse into the oil for 2-4 hours. The longer the better! VERY important this is on the lowest heat!

Step 4: (Can be done in conjunction with step 3 but do it towards the end.) Cut up 8 oz of mango butter and place into a jar or measuring cup and create another double boiler system. The mango butter will melt in about 20 minutes.

Step 5: Let the mango butter cool and partly harden up again in the fridge.

Step 6: Strain the flowers and oil. You want to collect the oil and discard the flowers. By now the oil should smell absolutely delicious!

Step 7: Combine the butter and oil and stir. Pop it into the fridge for another hour or so.

Step 8: When the butter and oil is mostly solidified, it’s time for whipping. Whip for a good 3 minutes!

Step 9: Enjoy the finished product! It will harden up a bit but will always melt instantly into your skin!

mango butter benefits
1 cup of dry chamomile flowers. (Incredibly soothing for skin!)

mango butter benefits
Drop in 4oz of oil into the flowers (I use apricot– you want the oil to be infused with these flowers!)

mango butter benefits
Place into a double boiler system on LOW HEAT. The lowest heat! Leave for 2-4 hours.

Cut up the mango butter brick and place into a double boiler system- this will melt in about 20 minutes!

–STRAIN the oil once done. Throw out the flowers.
–Let the butter sit in the fridge for a while to harden up again.
–COMBINE the two.

mango butter benefits
You will see the butter is mostly hardened again (with the infused oil) it’s still VERY soft though. You can see I can easily make finger marks in it.

mango butter benefits
Whip it for 3 minutes!

Put into a container! It will harden up again but will always melt beautifully onto your skin.

mango butter benefits