Let me set a quick stage for you. It’s December 30th, 2017. I’m standing in my best friend Kerrie’s kitchen… her, me, and her husband… I’m trying to convince them to take Oregano Oil shots with me to boost our immune systems. LOL. You know I’m big on my wellness, Violets.

Anyway, as I unwrap the oil dropper and go to throw away the plastic, I notice something in Kerrie’s trash.

AN EMPTY OLLY VITAMIN CONTAINER. Never before has such a little satisfied grin spread over my face so quickly.

“You bought OLLY vitamins… finished them… and didn’t tell me?!?” (Mind you, I have been taking OLLY vitamins for over 2 years and always tell my friends about them.)
“Yeah! I love OLLY, why?!?” (She always does this to me! Makes it seem like her idea! 😉 )

OLLY super foods multi

OLLY vitamins have been my holy grail for such a long time now. Before OLLY, I was the Queen of spending so much money on vitamins only to not take them. Or take them for a week and then they sit in my cabinet for a year. What a waste!

OLLY vitamins are gummies. Call me a big kid, but… with that kind of efficiency of just being able to pop it into my mouth AND it tastes good– that’s what’s going to work for me. That’s going to get me to take my vitamins.

I love OLLY so much that I wrote out an actual business plan of how I could work with them this year. Like I wanted to be an actual OLLY ambassador. God knows my bank account has shown my loyalty to OLLY lol. Happy to say, I’ll be working with them all year! Meditate on yo goalz, people. (Remember when I wrote about them in 2015?)

Okay so back to it- taking vitamins. I will tell you, when I am regularly taking vitamins, I feel more energized. Overall I feel more of a glow and pep in my step. And I like that it supports my overall wellness- helps support my internal systems so they can work at a more optimal level. And- it sets me up for a healthy routine. Like dang y’all, I just took my vitamin, it’s going to be a healthy day! 😛

The favorite that I keep going back to is the OLLY super foods vitamin for women. I love this kind!! Tastes delicious and is PACKED with nutrients.

….I take mine during breakfast. And I may or may not leave out the container to suggest to my guests to take their vitamins as well. LOL… I really do that.

Some of the reasons why I love the super foods vitamin is because:
It has biotin in it (hair, skin, nails, hello!)
B6 + B12 (Great for energy)
10 superfood phytonutrients (like watercress, elderberry, papaya, tamarind!)
The color comes from natural foods like carrot and blueberry

So what do you say, Violets? Might this be the year we all do a little something extra to help boost our overall wellness? I know my Queens deserve it! If you have any additional questions, feel free to email me Katey@VioletFog.com or comment below! Look forward to talking about more vitamins this year and educating ourselves! Knowledge is power. Health is well! Okay I’m getting cheesy. Happy New Year!! *Takes 2 OLLY’s*

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