Katey Yurko | Editor In Chief

Katey graduated from Long Beach State University with a degree in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication Studies and has been writing and creating content all of her life. While working as a Staff writer and stylist for Fashion 5.0 Magazine in San Diego, she launched a wardrobe styling company, Yurkstyle, which she successfully ran for 5 years. She’s worked with brands and clients who range from everyday people to Fortune 500 CEO’s to TV personalities. She’s collaborated with Bloomingdales to help orchestrate local fashion events and has styled commercials and shoots for companies such as American Airlines and Three Twins IceCream. Prior to that, she had appeared on fashion segments for Fox 5 News San Diego. During all of this, she ran a relatable fashion blog for 4 years and later bowed out gracefully to pursue The Violet Fog full time.


Radhika Sakalkale|| Senior Writer

I’m a Texas girl that can eat tacos for every meal of the day. I graduated with a business degree from the University of Texas in Austin. & moved to the Bay Area to pursue a career in IT. I love writing & love food, so I started The Snobby Foodie– a place where I find good food that’s also healthy. Through my foodie adventures, I came across a little publication called “Violet Fog”, where I now write more editorial articles on ‘girl talk’. In my free time, I like biking, being outdoors, and recreating recent food addictions.

Check out Rad’s VF stories HERE and also– The Snobby Foodie?and Instagram!

Sandra Aziz || Senior Writer

Hi Guys! I’m a girl who uses writing as an outlet and has a true passion for journalism. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Medical Humanities from MCPHS in Boston, MA. After that, I received my?Doctor of Pharmacy at the same college. Aside from work and writing, I’m avid reader and a seriously dedicated music fan. I can’t cook, but I’m very keen on food sustainability and I love?exploring the SF food scene (@eatinsanfran). I also have a soap and body scrub line and a mission of mine is to spread information on ingredients that are actually good for our skin… meaning scientifically proven! As that’s my profession… so I love to share the knowledge. 😉

Check out Sandra’s VF stories and research HERE
For her bomb-ass made to order soaps (they are seriously so good)– go HERE.



Lisa Gordon || Senior WriterLisa was our first writer to join the team at Violet Fog!?She is a communications professional with a ginormous love for San Francisco- she lived in the Haight for over 7 years before moving back home to Boston to further pursue her career and be closer to family. Her writing has an ability to seriously tug at your heart strings. It’s poetic.

Read her VF stories HERE and her independent work at

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