With Tahoe being a popular summer destination, we wanted to ask a local where the most GORGEOUS spots to visit were.

And not just any local, but a gal who knows her stuff!

Enter: Britt Hobart. Incredible nature photographer. (Her Instagram is SOOOOO PRETTY. SO PRETTY.)

Britt is so damn talented. Seriously, the colors she captures. The moments she seeks out.

Oh– and not to mention, she is the epitome of #NiceGirlsClub. You guys would like her so much!

With Labor day coming around and summer still here, we wanted to ask her where some worthwhile spots were in Lake Tahoe for us gals to visit!

This is Britt!

Take it away girl!!

As a local resident/photographer living on the north side of Lake Tahoe, I have created a list of my top 3 favorite places to shoot scenic photos. ENJOY!

1. Sand Harbor

Sand Harbor is one of North Lake’s most well-known spot to visit along the coast of the basin. Located on the eastern shores of Lake Tahoe, this popular national park is encompassed with Jeffery pines, crystal-clear turquoise waters and stunning coves which leave you captivated. With beaches surrounding the entire park, there is always an opportune moment to take the perfect landscape photo no matter what part of the park you are in. My suggestion would be to take a full lap around the park as it doesn’t take very long. The views from every angle are sure to make for great photos.

2. Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach, which is also located off Hwy 28 –about one mile south of Incline Village, NV. It consists of a sandy stretch with plenty of contiguous boulder shoreline. Though limited highway parking is available, and it can be quite difficult at times (making it one of the reasons as to why only few visitors make it down this far). I find that no matter what part of the path I take to this beach, you can see the Tahoe’s beautiful shoreline hitting along the sandy shores and rocky alcoves, which makes for the perfect textured photo.

3. Kings Beach State Rec Area

Living just four blocks away from the KB State Recreation Area, it’s hard not to have this place in my top 3 photography spots. This beach has a couple hundred feet lakefront sandy shores and a pier to walk out on. It faces directly towards the south side of Lake Tahoe making for really awesome mountain range snaps, along with the gorgeous “Tahoe blue” waters. My absolute favorite time to shoot is when the lake is extremely still and you can capture the reflections of both the mountains and sky. If the sunrise or sunset gives way, you can also capture the vibrant hues within the water.

Follow all of Britt’s Tahoe adventures and photography on Instagram: @britthobart.

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