I wanted to share a short and quick wellness routine tip. It’s a rule I made for myself 3 months ago and have REALLY stuck by. Something that I practice that takes such little time and effort yet helps keep my acts of self-care going throughout the day. Hoping it could be a little nicey you could do for yourself, Violets? Maybe alter it a bit to suit your needs.

The point is, it’s doable if you want to do it. 

I do it every day now.

It involves vitamins but that is just 1/3 of it. (Thank you OLLY Nutrition for sponsoring this post! You guys rock. And help make this routine seamless for me.)

So ladies. I get it. We are busy. We don’t have time. But we all WANT to do more for ourselves.This little routine is something “more for yourself”….and it’s easy to do.

Every morning, I do three specific things in a specific order. These things are nutrition, beauty, and mental health based.

I can get all three acts done in under 2 minutes. 120 seconds. Easy peasy and actually does something for myself.

My 2 minute “no excuses” morning routine I do RIGHT before I run out the door.

1. I hang upside down/touch my toes for 30 seconds.

Lol… yes I’m dead serious.

So I do this for a few reasons. Obviously, staying flexible is important. How often are you stretching your hamstrings? Probably not as often as you should. Stretching promotes healthy lymphs and blood flow. Healthy ligaments. STRETCHING IS IMPORTANT. Ask my girlfriends, I am always telling them to stretch more! And the good news is that we can fit it in tiny pockets throughout the day. Like before you go flying out the door in the morning.

I always do the toe stretch. I also do this because getting blood to rush to your head is a quick way to get endorphins flowing. Seriously, hanging upside down is an instant happy boost. I’m not bull-shitting you. Try it. It’s energizing. Mental health takes care and I try to “invert” everyday. Doing this in the morning is something I really look forward to.

2. Right after that, I pop my multi-vitamins.

It’s so easy to pop an OLLY multi-vitamin. Or any vitamin for that matter… but gummies make it more fun. 😉 I do NOT skip my multi. I like to keep my bases covered. I am a very healthy (balanced) eater and yet I still know it’s hard to get everything I need in my diet. A multi does help. Doing this every day provides me a little bit of extra insurance when it comes to nutrition.

The Women’s Superfood Multi-Vitamin by OLLY has been my favorite for almost 3 years now. Y’all know this. I have posted about it before. It tastes good and… just a recap as to why I like THIS vitamin, it has extras in it.

Extras like:
Biotin (hair, skin, nails, hello!)
B6 + B12 (Great for energy)
10 superfood phytonutrients (like watercress, elderberry, papaya, tamarind!)

All things that we like. This is also a favorite multi of Margaux Lushing, the Creator of the wellness empire, Well + Away. (We had Margaux on Violet Fog! Her article was fascinating!) SO. I pop my favorite multis and then….

3. I chug a tall glass of water.

Immediately after.

90% of us need to be drinking more water. MYSELF INCLUDED. I hate drinking water lol. But we gotta do it!! So I just like to start the day by at least getting one glass down. Instant hydration. Get the lymphs moving even more. Get the body moving.

And that…. is the schtick of it!

HOW EASY IS THIS THOUGH? The 2 minute rule. 3 wellness things done in 120 seconds. It’s the best.

Try it and tell me what you think. Wellness can always be squeezed into little pockets of time throughout our day. Remember that and know you are worth it! Do nice thangs for yo-self girl!

Love ya, Violets. So much!

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Katey Yurko

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    SkinTightSage Mia

    Yes! I agree with a quick everyday stretching. Whenever we stretch our body, our movements become lighter. We’ll feel less muscle pain when doing our daily activities. I really feel the need to flexible that’s why I do yoga . I’ll definitely share this to my friends, Katey.

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    Joanna Salem

    Great advice! I’m going to start doing all three. I already drink a glass of water first thing after I wake up and stretch during my morning workouts (5 days a week). I was considering a multi-vitamin, but hesitant. It does seem like a good precaution, especially for those particularly busy days.

    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      Hi Joanna! So did you end up getting a multi-vit or nah?! I love your dedication to fitness and health!!


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