Last June, I spent $400 on an eye-care beauty routine….

Which felt crazy for me! Normally I couldn’t afford it. And yes you guys.. there are way more important things a 28 year old could be investing her money in. But hear me out friends! I had a gift card to Neiman Marcus. And duh, the very first thing I did was check to see if I could exchange it for cash. I mean… gotta pay rent honay. 😉 #BrokeButSmart

But it ends up being too big of a hassle to exchange. So then I think… well, this gift card was a bonus from a longtime styling client of mine. I did work for this!

So I say to myself… Self? You deserve some shit that you would NEVER usually buy. Go forth and spend, betch. Mind you, before this… I was only familiar with their men’s suit department as I would take some of my clients there to get fitted. (If in the San Diego location, ask for KING. Great style and super smart.) That’s really all I knew. I wasn’t familiar with the women’s department. Although my Grandma used to say that Nieman Marcus was the Bossiest Boss Babe of all Department Stores. Any piece she owned from that store she truly treasured. That’s all I knew about Niemans. So first, I check out their women’s department. Immediate note to self: $500 ain’t getting’ you shit at Niemans.

Seriously, in the women’s clothing department, $500 will maybe get you two or three things you want. TWO. Maybe three. Mayyyybe four if you also hit up their clearance racks. In the shoe department, ha! forget it. Like, you could maybe leave with one shoe. Just sayin.

SO. I decide I’m going to buy something from the beauty department. Random… but it’s what I choose.

Before my ass was dropping $1300 a month in rent to live in San Francisco- I was a total product snob. Now? Not so much anymore. Now I’m way more about the natural remedies that are fairly inexpensive- especially compared to the expensive stuff that I used to buy. But Oh do I miss the expensive shit sometimes. Not gonna lie. So I was excited to drop some money on pampering.The first thing I add to basket? The Opal.My friend Hope is a fanatic about skin care and always raved about this “Opal” thing. It’s by the same company that makes the Clarisonic and it’s this little handheld vibrating thing with a soft tip ( <– lol while re-reading that.) It’s supposed to massage eye cream deeper into the eye area (thus making the eye cream more effective) and it’s supposed to be really great for prevention and fine lines. It was $185. Ha! Yeah right. It’s not that I’d never, I just couldn’t right then.

Until I got my gift card 😉

Add to cart. OoOooooh it’s feels so bad and good at the same time!!

THEN I look up eye creams. Step one, filter the search. Price: Low to High… obviously.

JK. Normally that filter is my jam but this time I actually searched “La Mer eye concentratecream simply for the fact that I’ve read Rihanna uses it.

I tell myself I’m going to use it in conjunction with my Opal and make it a double whammy.

It’s $195. It’s a TINY ass jar.

I’m thinking… who am I right now?! Am I really spending “money” on this? These better roundhouse kick all the bags and lines I have to the dome for what I’m about to spend.

So I checkout. It says it will be arriving on 6/19.

So that exact day I’m a total hostage in my own home while I wait for this damn package. This package is worth almost a third of my rent so ain’t NO ONE going to touch my La Mer and Opal. No one!

It arrives. Very end of day of course. Because, universe.

I pull out the goods. I’m half thinking it’s totally going to work and half thinking I’m a f*cking DUMB DUMB for dropping $400 on a vain ass eyecare beauty routine. I feel a little guilty.

In a weird way I’m almost hoping I won’t be impressed with the products. Because if I love them then *ugh* what a tease that will be! I’ll probably never be able to afford it again for as long as I live… in San Francisco. lol.

So I try it. And I stay consistent with it too.

Within one week, I’m hooked. Convinced. Con-freaking-vinced that the Opal and La Mer together are THEE freaking shit. I tell myself I just found (in Kanye voice) the best eye care routine of all time.

IMGP4368-9 (1)

I’m way less puffy. Baby fine lines that were starting to creep are 100% getting an ass whooping.

So I realize that I can get the jar to stretch about 4 months. That means NOW I need to figure out how make an extra $585 a year to be able to afford this. *Dreams of six figure paychecks* haha

If I never buy it again it’s no biggie. But it was fun to incorporate that into my beauty routine for awhile and I think it did a surge of good! And I still have the opal! **But you better believe my ass is going to try to get La Mer or Opal to sponsor this down the road so I can keep up the routine haha.

Thoughts on investing in skin care? Have any of you guys spent a lot of money lately on something in the beauty world that felt like a reckless, albeit good, purchase? ?  Spill!!

*Just a heads up, this post has affiliate links. We want to keep it honest with you so you have the option to not use them if you don’t think it’s deserved! Hopefully we steer you towards some useful products!

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