As the title says…

What to do when you feel like you are getting sick.

Boo thang– I got you. Not only do I care about my immune system, I care about YOURS 😉 WHY? Because when we all have healthy strong immune systems, there is less sickness overall! Less sickness = happier people!

Another possible title could have been:

What do to prevent getting sick when you’ve been around big crowds or someone who is sick!

You bet your fine ass that if I am ever around a crowd (like at a concert, conference, or Halloween) orrrrr the second I am done hanging with someone who was “getting over something” I go NINJA STYLE on my immune system. Just pump it full of things I know will rev it up!

I also have an internal dialogue with my immune system and tell it that it’s strong and can handle anything! That mind body connection, you know? IT HELPS.

Keep in mind– these are only SOME TRICKS. If I wrote all of them out- this would be equal to a 10-page paper! But I firmly believe that these tips will be great ones for you!

Natural Cold Remedies

1. Elderberry Syrup

I’m just going to come out guns blazing with the biggest and brightest star: ELDERBERRY SYRUP. This stuff is absolutely magical. I first heard of it from a friend of mine who is a nurse and a huuuuge believe in Elderberry. Elderberry literally coats your cells and does not let any illness replicate. Or at least- it makes it very hard for it to replicate. This stuff is strong and what’s cool is that beyond helping you not get sick- it’s SO GOOD FOR YOU. I highly, and I mean highly recommend the brand CASSIE GREEN HEALTH. Not sponsored- but by far superior to any elderberry I’ve ever had. Clean and strong immune-boosting ingredients! If you’re in Austin, you can pick it up at People’s rX!

Studies & Benefits of Elderberry

+Anti-viral benefits! Elderberry is strong enough to be considered as a treatment for the FLU. (Source)
+Great for pre and post travel or being around crowds as it acts right away. (I love this study– done with 312 air travelers!)
+Elderberry is great for the immune system in general due to it’s high polyphenol content (Source)

2.  Turmeric

If I haven’t talked your ear off about turmeric yet (here and here + the million times I mention it on Instagram)…. YO- you gotta get on board! This is something I take in higher doses when needed but I try to get turmeric in in small doses every single day. Incredible healing benefits! Brand I love (again not sponsored)– is Moodbeli. Another I love is local to Austin- the Curcuma golden paste. I use that one for golden milk!

Keep in mind– the healing part of turmeric is the active compound CURCUMIN.
Also- for best absorbtion make sure it is paired with black pepper and a healthy fat!

Studies + Benefits of Turmeric

+Can help modulate the immune system (Source)
+Has incredible antioxidant effects (Source)
+Anti-inflammatory properties… arguably one of the best parts of turmeric. (Source)

3. Quercetin

Okay this one is great for ALLERGIES. Not the common cold but… it’s such a great natural anti-histamine that I had to share. Quercetin is a pigment (flavonoid) found in plants and fruits. It is one of the, if not THEE, most common flavonoid in our diet. I like to take this when I’m already a little sick OR dealing with allergies.

Studies + Benefits of Quercetin

+Great for immunity (Source)
+Great for combating anti-inflammatory cells in the body (Source)
+Great for oxidative stress due to it having mass amounts of anti-oxidants (Source)

4. Zinc

I remember back before I was took health suuuuper seriously– I used to buy these super sugar-y ZINC losanges when I felt like I was getting sick… and I’ll be damned- I always thought it worked! But yo– the extra sugar is so counter-intuitive!

These days I am ALL ABOUT DAT ZINC but in pill form- no sugary ass lozenges. (I like this ayurvedic one by Ancient Nutrition)

First things first- zinc plays a big role in the human body but we don’t naturally produce it (or store it)- so we need to get it through foods and supplementation. It is widely tied to immune system function. Without getting too wordy and science-y… just know that it plays a role in cell signaling, so being deficient can cause a problem. Zinc signals to specific immune cells and plays a role in oxidative stress.

Studies + Benefits of Zinc

+Zinc can help shorten the duration of a cold. (Source)
+Zinc is especially great for older people/adults. Not just in the immune system role, but for aging. (Source)
+Zinc can help increase cancer-fighting cells as well. (Source… same as above. This is an in depth study!)

5. Camu Camu

YOOO I can talk about Camu Camu all day long! I don’t understand how this isn’t a popular supplement yet in America. Like… we need to get on it. Camu Camu has more vitamin C in it than anything on the planet! Yes- on the planet!

I am a big believer in consistent camu camu in my diet (See my IGTV on it) but I think when you’re getting sick… really make sure to get it in! I think the best way is with smoothies as it’s a very strong taste.

Vitamin C is very important with the immune system. I always up the amount I’m getting when I feel off.. and I get it every 2-3 hours when I’m awake because Vitamin C only lasts in your system for that long.

Most progressive juice shops (like Juiceland) will have camu camu as an add-in. I also like to keep some at home, which I buy from Shop Karen Berrios. (Not all Camu Camu is high quality– you must be very picky. This is important! Otherwise, nutrition can be compromised.)

Studies + Benefits of Camu Camu

+Powerful anti-oxidants can greatly help oxidative stress- which can make you sick. (Source)
+Can be anti-microbial (Source)
+Is loaded with a medicinal dose of vitamin C which greatly helps your immune system (Source)

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