I don’t know what I talk about more: Rosehip seed oil or collagen! LOL

There are some things that I just really believe in. I read a LOT and love my experiments and when something works… I love to share!


As you know, I partner on a monthly basis with Ancient Nutrition. I firmly believe there is NO better collagen product out there than Dr. Axe’s Ancient Nutrition Brand. For one, the creator (Dr. Axe) is one of the TOP TEN Holistic Doctors in the world. Second- it is all organic and ethically sourced. Third, it has five types of collagen in it- not just two like most brands have.

I continue to be so impressed and it is a brand partnership that I greatly value because I know it is a HERO I can continuously talk about with readers.

Let’s talk about one of his new products: COLLAGEN BEAUTY AND SLEEP. (Available at Whole Foods and Target!)

I love a product that kills two birds with one stone!

A quick recap on collagen and SKIN:

Let me tell you something: it doesn’t matter if our skin is oily or dry- one doesn’t age slower than the other. What matters is collagen and elastin. Collagen is the “glue” that connects our tissues. It is what keeps skin firm and tight. As we age, we lose about 1% of collagen per year. Most people do NOT get collagen (or they get a very small amount of it) in their diets. It’s very prominent in bone broth, but not many of us are eating/sipping on that… let’s be honest. It’s typically not a common food. Supplementing with it can make SUCH a difference. I tell you- one month on collagen you will notice plumper skin.

Collagen paired with GOOD SLEEP will help preserve healthy skin. A lot of Doctors and researchers believe that taking collagen at night is best because that’s when our bodies do the most repair work.

This product also has Astaxanthin in it which is a keto-carotenoid– this has wrinkle fighting benefits!


It has ashwagandha it (one of my favorite adaptogens) and magnesium (helps promote relaxation).

It really is very gentle too. No zombie feeling in the morning. Won’t “knock you out” more like tucks you in bed and gets you cozy feeling. 🙂 Perfect for a lot of us who need help turning off the brain and relaxing the body at bedtime.

It kind of tastes like lavender candy.

I’m going to give you the BEST recipe with it. I make this a few times a night for my boyfriend and I and it’s such a treat before bed and knowing it’ll do something positive for our bodies makes it that much more enjoyable.

It’s also VERY easy…. like I do anything different!


What you need:
1-2 scoops of Beauty And Sleep Collagen powder
1/2 cup nut/plant milk
1/2 cup water
1 tsp cinnamon

Anicent Nutrition Beauty and sleep review

In a blender throw in the powder.
Heat up the milk and water (mixed) and throw it in.
Throw in the cinnamon.
Blend and enjoy! SO EASY.

Anicent Nutrition Beauty and sleep review
Start with your powder.

Anicent Nutrition Beauty and sleep review
Prepare 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup water (warm it up) and 1 tsp of cinnamon.

Anicent Nutrition Beauty and sleep review
Throw it in your blender!

Anicent Nutrition Beauty and sleep review
Enjoy!! (^^My sleepy face) I like drinking out of a wine glass because it makes me feel bougie. 😉

Find this Collagen Beauty And Sleep at Whole Foods and Target! You will love this recipe!

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