Violets. By now I think you know a few things about me that perhaps you relate to yourself. Maybe not all of it, but some?

**BTW– Part of this post is going to include a vitamin by OLLY that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. I work with them and have taken their vitamins for YEARS. I just like to be upfront with you!

Okay so, three things:

1. I am a naturally “semi-tired” person. Not to say I don’t have bursts of energy but on the scale of “tired and energetic” I lean slightly more towards tired. My theory (that I’m trying to figure out right now through medical tests) is that I overworked my adrenal glands in my 20s- this is another story! Also, thyroid problems run in my family so perhaps that could also be the culprit. STAY TUNED. But anyway- tiredness… I’m all too familiar with it on a daily basis.

2. I’m a big believer that wellness and beauty often go hand and hand. That said…

3. When I can kill two birds with one stone, I will. In fact, those are the type of methods and products I always seek out.

Knowing this, I wanted to present you a couple “beauty tricks” that I believe give me a little more pep in my step when I need them. So take this as “energy advice” or “beauty advice”… take from it what you can. These aren’t ALL my tricks, but I’ll unveil them as time goes on. I just love to share with you what works for me!

Beauty tricks I use to increase my energy!:

1. Put something “citrus-y”, LIGHT and cooling on my face.

If I am wearing makeup, this would be a spritz of rosewater with a little lemon essential oil mixed in that I would lightly spray on my face but if I am BARE face (which I usually am) I put on a serum. Right now I love a vitamin C serum and this Mad Hippie brightening serum is realllllly doing it for me.

BEAUTY: Hydration, dewey-ness, nutrients for the skin.
ENERGY: You know how a cold shower perks you right up? Well this is the mini, beauty version of that. I swear the citrus-y smell paired with the little burst of coolness gives me a little “lift”… it’s the small things add something, you know?

2. Something to get the circulation going. 

I do this one of two ways. Either a gua sha facial- which y’all know I am obsessed with. It is basically an Eastern Medicine facial massage that is an instant skin lift. (Video in this post.) OR, I do a quick fascia massage on my face, neck, hands or feet. Another thing I can’t stop talking about: fascia fascia fascia!

BEAUTY: Stimulating circulation gets the blood flowing. The “glow” going. Over time this can help the production of collagen and flushing out toxins from our systems. Also, more lifting and tightening. Better skin tone. YES love it.
ENERGY: This gives you an internal little buzz. Makes you feel lighter, thus more energy. Kind of feels like it makes you “get going.” Revved up. Try it, it’s the best!

Gua Sha tool- a pretty pink too!

Mini Fascia tool- I LOVE this thing. Feels so good on your hands and feet!

3. Take a B12 supplement. 

Y’all ever hear of mitochondria? It’s a baaaaby little cellular structure that converts nutrients in our body into energy. To stimulate it means more energy. You’ve seen it on my stories, I have become a big fan of taking a B12 supplement on the reg. B12 helps the regulation of mitochondria. As a “tired” person… I need all the mitochondria I can get. So I know that taking B12 is going to help with this. A gummy means I can pop it in my mouth anytime. My FAVORITE time to take OLLY Daily Energy is right after a nap lol. Like when it’s 3pm and too late for a coffee kind of thing. Oh and these taste SO GOOD.

As much as I love coffee (and I will never, ever give it up) it CAN dehydrate you. Dehydration doesn’t look cute. B12, however, is natural and not dehydrating. Another thing I like about OLLY Daily Energy is that it has CoQ10 in it as well. This acts as an antioxidant (which are anti-aging) and also is naturally created by the body to fuel energy. Give me all the boosts!!

P.S-  this won’t give you a RUSH like caffeine will just a little more sustainability. It’s gentle. I like that.

Keep it by your bed and in your pantry for easy access! OR- another idea, right near your coffee beans so you can ask yourself which one you should be reaching for at that moment.

These taste so good! Again I just love gummy vitamins because I will actually TAKE them.

Hope this was useful for you, Violets! I sure love sharing all the little tidbits I pick up. Have a wonderful weekend!