MmmMm acai bowls.

I’ve been obsessed lately. It’s so damn refreshing after a kick-ass workout or on a hot SF summer day.

Imagine: a thick, smoothie-like consistency with all the right toppings, fresh organic ingredients, and bombass flavor combos.

Plus, there’s TONS of healthy benefits. It’s filling, a total superfood, rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, vitamins & minerals.

BUT. Not all acai bowls are created equal. Some have more sugar than others. Some places only give you 1 cut-up strawberry WTF? And one time… my acai bowl was so watery that I was practically drinking it like soup- BYE FELICA!

So for this post, I’m only sharing my favorite places that have never let me down.

Here are my top 3 spots to indulge and gloriously lick the bowl after:

Bowl'd Acai

Bowl’d Acai

Why: This food truck has some of the most healthiest, tastiest and photogenic acai bowls I’ve ever seen (<– major brownie points). Using pure coconut juice as their blend (instead of milk/almond milk, which has a TON of sugar), these bowls are the healthiest ones you’ll find without any added or refined sugars. The toppings are plentiful, but what really makes these bowls stand out from the rest is their GRANOLA- crunchy, light, fluffy clusters of perfection in every bite.

PS: It’s refreshing to see how the owners (Reza and Angel) make a genuine effort to ensure all their customers feel appreciated and welcomed. You’ll often find them chatting it up with locals and even asking strangers about their day.

Note: They close at 2pm. Be sure to check their hours and locations!
Sidewalk Juice

Sidewalk Juice

Why: This place packs the most heat! Meaning… they give you a LOAD of berries, granola, bananas, and whatever they can before it falls out of the bowl. The blend is thick with a sorbet-like consistency. Oh yeah, did I mention it’s only $8.99 for a regular and $9.99 for a large!? Sidewalk Juice is one of the most underrated and cheapest place to grab an acai bowl in SF. Plus, you can also get some bombass juices/smoothies for $5.95.

PS: The picture above is a Pitaya bowl (also F’ing delicious with tons of healthy benefits). Get all the deets on pitaya bowls HERE.

Basik Cafe

Basik Cafe

Why: The toppings are plentiful and sprinkled on top like a little tiny mountain of heaven. They’ve also got a TOONNNN of options, substitutions and add-ons, but it really doesn’t matter which bowl you get because the consistency of the acai is perfect every time. This is actually my go-to spot for an acai bowl after my classpass workouts in the Marina.

PS: This place serves the most expensive bowls: $11- regular || $14- large

Tip: Get the large and share it with a friend. It’s HUGEEEEE:

Basik Cafe 1

And for those of you who’d prefer to “make-it-yourself-at-home,” check out this super easy and delicious recipe from A Side Of Sweet! She’s got all the deets on how to make the best pitaya/acai bowl from your kitchen for much cheaper. Try out Kelly’s recipe HERE and thank her later!