Soooo is there not ONE human being who doesn’t look good in NARS Cruella? Seriously. It’s weird. I’ve yet to meet a face that doesn’t just– va va voom with Cruella. The color is instant foxy. Really! For anyone who wears it. (It’s a chubby-ish matte lip pencil by the way.) Basically, Cruella is 100% universal.  <— Call me a nerd but I find that SO COOL. (Love!)

Oh and this isn’t sponsored……….. woulda been nice though haha! Looking at you, NARS! Sponsor us!!! (JK…. kind of. 😛 )

We’re really just intrigued with this color and how it looks GREAT on evvvveryone. Everyone and their Mom’s. Seriously. Just search the hashtag #NarsCruella and you’ll see what we mean.

Do we recommend this for you or as a gift for a friend? Absolutely!

My friend Sarah is a licensed esthetician and has been wearing Cruella for a lonnnng, long ass time. This is what she had to say about it:

“This bad boy goes on easily, and honestly does NOT budge. As an expert inhaler of food and wine, I can sincerely say I have given this lip color a TRUE TEST. Not only does it stay in place for all 45 of my daily meals, it doesn’t compromise the moisture aspect of a great lipstick. My go-to color is Cruella. Aside from the perfection of the name, the color has a great purple undertone that makes your teeth look Crest White Strips perfect. Kid you not.. it’s a million-watt smile in a pencil.”

At Sephora they were giving out Cruella as the “VIB birthday gift” earlier this year so it might still be there. Just FYI. If it’s gone, you can purchase it here.

And PS: We learned that with Sephora birthday gifts- you can cash out at anytime, doesn’t even have to be on your actual birthday! Sweeeeet.

Look at all these other babes on Instagram and how it works on them. Beautiful.

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*This girl below said her lip liner was Kat Von D’s “exorcism” color though– just for reference!* 🙂

I love these colors on my lips! #katvondexorcism #narscruella #combo #atlnights #maybe lol A photo posted by @electrikbootz on

Any of you guys wear Cruella? What are your thoughts?! Any other colors you think are universal?

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