Staying in major hotel chains is pretty lackluster. Everything is perfectly manicured to like all other hotels in that chain. When I travel, I like to stay in spots that have character and personality.

The Pantai Inn is a beautiful hotel right off the La Jolla shore and it has quite a bit of character. Its brightly colored decor is inspired by Balinese and Indonesian design. The whole resort feel makes your stay here SOOO relaxing.

In fact, the owner of the property went to Bali and hand selected the hotel’s art, which includes sculptures, paintings, and hand-carved frames and furniture. She is an art history major and a trained painter so she went to private galleries and art collective to select these unique pieces. Her passion for the culture shows through the artifacts.

My favorite piece is the umbrella set in the central courtyard, which is designed to resemble a Balinese resort. I absolutely love when hotels bring Eastern influence into whatever they design. It’s so unqiue, and has historical and cultural significance.

There’s a couple things you have to do if you stay here:

  1. Catch the sunset over La Jolla beach
  2. Enjoy the fire pit with a glass of wine. That’s what we did after visiting Ballast Point brewery. It was SO relaxing.
  3. Watch the ocean waves while eating a fruity breakfast. It’s so cute. They have tropical fruits for you to munch on! You really feel like you’re on a tropical island.
  4. Explore! Take a look at all the different sculptures and paintings. I found one of two girls that looked kind of beat & they had this expression on their faces. I don’t know why, but they really looked like they had one too many wine tastings in Napa (LOL)!

So normally, I NEVER feel well-rested after a vacation. It’s always a super packed agenda and constantly go, go, go! Staying at Pantai Inn really slowed down my trip to San Diego, and made it actually… relaxing!

Also, the rooms were SO comfortable. All the warm yellows, oranges, and browns made it feel very cozy. I also love that they had soap with natural ingredients. Y’all know how obsessed I am with that stuff.

The hotel received a plaque from the Indonesian consulate in Los Angeles recognizing that it is an authentic, accurate tribute to Balinese and the Indonesian culture. Staying here really made me feel like I was on a tropical vacation.

Do you guys have any favorite spots in San Diego? If you need additional recommendations, check our– they have pretty detailed itineraries. I also recently checked out The Nolen for happy hour and it was also AMAZING!

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