Portland has a LOT of great food at a reasonable price, so it’s easy to pack on those lbs….

So to find a SALAD place that is actually delicious with sustainable, local ingredients… it’s a great thing. Not every place knows how to do salads right and actually make them crave-able. Enter: Garden Bar.

Garden Bar is not “fake healthy.” Do you know what I’m talking about? Those sterile salad places that serve oily dressings and low quality produce? Naw – Garden Bar is the opposite.

Garden Bar is perfect for any meal or even a health cleanse (after scarfing down barbecue) and offers delicious salads at various locations around Portland.

Valerie Fidan, Blogger of Let’s Regale and Social Media Growth Hacker, was the one who told us about Garden Bar. She eats there on the reg and is a total health guru (with an achievable balance.) We wanted to check out what this place was all about.

Valerie tells us, “I love that Garden Bar is focused on bringing farm-to-table fresh, locally sourced ingredients, which in turn means better tasting food! They are always changing up their menu and bringing seasonal items. They also work with the community to source food from local vendors. They truly are the “Portland way” of life: local, sustainable, community driven.

“The fact that you can get healthy “fast food” makes eating healthy a lot easier.” <— Can we get an AMEN!?

The venue was well-lit and cute. The charm of this place though… comes from the cheery employees. Seriously they are so kind and cool!

Look at all of the options for ingredients! I have a theory: salads are better when other people make them for you. They taste even better when they’re pretty… and Garden Bar’s salads are gorgeous!

If you’re feeling like a carb up before your bike ride, get the Amber Waves grain bowl. The curried yogurt dressing is quite flavorful.

The Cowboy Up was my favorite: the roasted chickpeas were a unique add and the chimichurri was flavorful.

They do a good job of massaging the dressing into the leafy greens, like kale. <— this makes all this difference.

Garden Bar also offers Kombucha and Fire Brew apple cider, which taste so good with your fresh salad. When they say “Fire Brew”, they mean fire. Seriously, be prepared when you drink this stuff. (Katey casually went to drink one of their little shots in our hotel room and had no idea how potent it was… it was hilarious when her eyes almost bugged out of her face.)

Garden Bar is the perfect spot to pick up a quick, healthy lunch or dinner. You’ll be a happy camper. We certainly were.

For all the locations for Garden Bar, check here.
Also visit Valerie’s site Let’s Regale and her Instagram— truly, this girl will make you smile as you learn some things. She’s so awesome!! #NiceGirlsClub