Okay. Rosehip oil benefits for skin. There are a lot!

I’ve spent a TON of time researching whether or not (as an active ingredient) rosehip seed oil in skincare routine is really worth the investment and effort. Spoiler: it is. 

Myself, I’ve been using it for 6ish years now. I truly believe it gives off such a glow and keeps people’s skin looking more nourished and vibrant. Rosehip oil is by FAR one of my powerhouses when it comes to beauty and skincare. And it’s been consistent.

My Grandma used it and she had the most beautiful skin up until 85! Her Dermatologist recommended it to her. And then she later taught me! 🙂 As for my friends who have tried it- they absolutely love it. That and apricot oil. So of course, of COURSE… I want to share it with you!

***By the way there is not ONE sponsored product in this post. I think it is such an important oil to learn about and has the potential to really help a lot of people!

SO. Let’s get science-y about rosehip oil first.

What does the RESEARCH say?

Research, credibility, testimonials, word of mouth… that’s what I like to look at before I try a product.

Then there are ingredients, how it’s made, how it’s packaged… this all matters too!


1. Not all “rose” ingredients are equal. One of the best we can count on? Rosa roxburghii extract aka “Chestnut Rose.” It’s a big promoter of [skin] health. Main reason: studies say this ish provides major anti-oxidants. Obviously bomb.com for your skin. The MORE antioxidants we have bioavailable and IN our skin- the better it can protect us. The better it can protect us, the less aging will occur.

2. Rosehip oil will appear under many different names. Common ones: Rosa rubiginosa, Rosa moschata and Rosa canina. (My oil above is listed as Rosa Canina!) In Science world, there’s optimism around rose hip’s  ability to provide antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This study was done on patients with post surgery scarring (testing a Rose-hip product) and concluded it was also effective for diminishing scarring and skin discoloration.

3. Apparently you can take rosehip orally. This study was super fascinating.  Studying patients with significant crow’s feet, when taken orally (rose hip powder– again with that rosehip y’all!), results showed that those who took it had significant improvement with their facial wrinkles than those who took the placebo. HUH. Who woulda thought!? I need to order some rosehip tea immediately lol.

4. Rose Petals for prevention. In a nutshell, this study showed significant promise for rose petals (white rose petals– to be exact) to be great for prevention in aging as it can help block age-causing enzyme activity. Also helps with absorbing vitamin C which is great for anti-aging.

 How to use rosehip oil for your skin:

Just put it on at night! The consistency is thick. To me, a little too thick for daytime. ALSO I wouldn’t wear it daytime anyway— there is a LOT of vitamin A in Rosehip Seed oil. Always use your Vitamin A skincare at night because Vitamin A turns over cells and exfoliates! This is done better at night and if done in the sun, it can be harmful if you’re not careful. Just something to keep in mind.

SO- rosehip at NIGHT!

TIP: Sometimes before a big event (if I know I’ll be inside) I will slather on a TON of rosehip oil 2-4 hours before I need to start getting ready. That way my face is EXTRA dewy and ready for makeup! I love the canvas it creates. Especially if my skin had been dry.

Cold-pressed and organic oil is the BEST! <—Google it. No one disputes that! I have always loved the rosehip I’ve been using the last two years the most. How it’s made. Who makes it. The quality. It impresses me so much. And this oil is only $15. I swear to G it gives your skin an ACTUAL GLOW. This brand also makes my favorite apricot oil. Again… sooo affordable! And so results-oriented.

Insanely good, natural skincare doesn’t have to be expensive! It’s all about ingredients and the production of the product! Also where it was sourced.

So that’s that! What’s your take on rosehip seed oil? DO YOU LOVE IT?!

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    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      Thank you for that tip Pauline! Going to try that! Might end up in a future VF article and we’ll have you to thank for pointing it out 🙂

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    Suzy Lauren

    So good for my skin and without nasty chemicals. Thank you for telling me about this fantastic rosehip seed oil. It really makes a different for my wrinckles and helped me fight acne. I recommend this oil 🙂

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    What’s your take on jojoba oil? I created a little oil cocktail (but haven’t done a lot of research.. just some): jojoba oil, rosehip oil, and calendula oil. I’ve been using it for two year now and my skin is glowing and little wrinkles free. I was just wondering if you looked into jojoba and calendula.


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