You know the kind of place you can dine at with your friends or lover that feels sexy but laid back? That’s RUE.

Now add in BOMB ASS cocktails and mmmmm super savory and creatively crafted dishes. YUM. Once again. That’s RUE, baby.

We loved this restaurant. It’s well lit and very picturesque. Ya GOTS ta go. It’s French inspired and open for dinner and happy hour. SE Portland. For such high quality food and liquor- it’s actually quite affordable too. Basically, you’re going to love this spot.

Radhika and I met Nao at RUE on a early Thursday evening for some girl talk over cocktails and of course, some feastin’! You should know about us, we are QUICK with our pictures. Because we want to enjoy the food and ambience. Grab the content- eat the food. Boda boom, bada bang. No 50 pictures of the exact same thing on our cameras. But we digress… we are still the weirdos with our cameras out at the dinner table. At least for a few minutes at a time.

ANYWAY. It’s a fun place to dine with such great food and cocktails! UGH– dreaming about it still and WILL be back.

The ambience– Classic meets industrial meets earthy. It’s nailed that aesthetic thing. We totally dig it.

The drinks are magnificent. From their rose champagne that they serve in a wine glass instead of a flute (Tbh I’m feeling the switch up.) To the cocktails they’re gaining more and more notoriety for.. It’s a great place for even just a drink or two.

Our FAVORITE cocktail was the Amber Rose. Holy shiz. It’s so divine. Made with apple brandy and egg whites, among other things. Please order it. Rad approves – it reminds her of a Pisco Sour.

LET’S TALK ABOUT THE FOOD. Delicious and just… a beautiful presentation.

Presentation matters. It’s add to the whole experience. 😉

And drool. The chickpea panise is amazing. Rad is researching how she can make something so elegant at home.

3-2-1 snap a pic, say “yeah that looks bomb dig baby!”… put camera down… EAT.

Nao’s photos (on her Insta) are so stunning. Her eye is the best!

The Pork Belly. Beautiful presentation. Look at those layers! With this dish, they took cabbage to a new extreme. Cabbage pure, actual cabbage, and delicious pork belly. It was an excellent pairing.

And somehow, after we were all boozed up and SUPER full… we convinced ourselves that, eh… we can do dessert too right? Riiiiiiight? Yes we’re doing dessert.

It was delicious. And the dessert/coffee ceramics were so beautifully made. They are actually crafted by a Portland local named Mimi, whose website you can check out— or check her Instagram. We definitely wanted to mention her because she’s so talented and we really appreciated her craftsmanship.

Says Radhika: “Everything on the dessert menu sounded delicious. We got the chocolate torte and lemon curd, and I couldn’t tell you which one I liked more. Both desserts were smooth, creamy, and subtle. If you get a dessert, you HAVE to get coffee with it. I frequently think back to the dessert at Rue- that’s when you KNOW it’s good.”

Let us know if you go to RUE and what you get!

RUE (SE Portland.)
1005 SE Ankeny St.