Us ladies get so much satisfaction from killing two birds with one stone. So outfits that transition seamlessly between two entirely different environments without having to change a single thing is kiiiiind of our jam.

In regards to San Francisco and the Bay, people are always going straight from work to happy hour. So in this article, we wanted to show you some outfit combinations that could not only spice up the workday wardrobe, but would carry a stylish punch into the evening when you’re sippin’ cocktails or grabbing dinner.

Chiggity check it out… all of these work because they are both conservative and stylish. Perfect for both environments.

**Yes there are affiliate links. Just a heads up! But hopefully we lead to something you like! xx

1. Chiffon Blouse Tucked Into WideLeg Pants.

how to wear wide leg pants

Style Math: High waisted, wide leg pants + tucked in blouse + belt + heeled ankle booties with a slightly pointed toe OR a modern-but-classic wedge.

2. Pencil Skirt With Pullover Sweater


Style Math: Pencil skirt + fun pullover sweater (fitted or loose) + oxfords + statement necklace.

3. Dressy Tank With Subtle Colored Denim


Style Math: Dressy tank (beaded, chiffon, structured, etc) + muted color jeans or trousers (navy, pale pink, carmel tan, etc) + fitted jacket or blazer + suede pumps or ankle booties

4. Midi Skirt With Tucked In Button Down Blouse

statement necklace

Complete Style Math: Midi length skirt (at knee or ~1.5 inches above or below) + tucked in button down blouse (option to pop the collar with a cute up-do!) + statement necklace + ankle booties or oxfords +  watch or bangles

What is your guy’s work environment like? We’re so interested in 9 to 5 culture- especially in the Bay Area! Can you wear whatever you want? Or is your dress code whack? Spill!

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