I want to share with you some FUN –NATURAL– beauty things I absolutely love and think you might too.

EXPECT: Self-tanning, a STABLE vitamin C (most vitamin Cs are not stable FYI), and something that has to do with beauty from the INSIDE OUT.

***This post btw, is brought to you by my FAVORITE: Ancient Nutrition!! I LOVE THEM.***

Alright alright, let’s skip the small talk shall we? Diving in NOW.

1. Self-tanning. If you love an extra glow like me— I pray you aren’t laying in tanning beds or even laying OUT for that matter. Skin cancer, premature aging… that shit is real real REAL. I hope you are getting that glow from a self-tanner. (I love the look of pale skin as well but as someone who has KP and eczema, I feel more confident covering it up. Dasss just me.)

Let me one step further with choosing a self-tanner. If you find it in your means to do so, look into upgrading to a natural NO-NASTIES included self-tanner. Go organic. The vast majority of self-tanners have gross pesticides in them. Did you know that? YUCK. This can actually cause DNA damage. If you’re using self-tanner often (like me) this is a real problem.

A brand I am loving? ECO TAN. They are organic, free from pesticides and herbicides. Cruelty-free. Socially responsible. And boy oh BOY do they deliver a beautiful color that fades evenly! Fading evenly is so underrated- like we should talk about that more with self-tanners. I like to avoid splotchy as much as possible.

The cacao tanning mousse is really great! I also LOVE their invisible tan (which is a great place to start.)

That said– no self-tanning application will ever be perfect. At least for me- I will always miss some spots or oversaturate somewhere because I’m always in a rush. Whatevs though, I’m cool with it. I’m being responsible with my skin and avoiding the sun!

2. Skin from within.

TURMERIC OIL. I think I have mentioned it maybe 50 times now, but there is nothing like getting turmeric into your diet DAILY if you want to help out your skin. One of the biggest causes of breaking out and aging is INFLAMMATION. Turmeric really REALLY helps that. But you need to be persistent!

As much as I love my turmeric in cooking and powders in smoothies- one thing that I enjoy SO MUCH and find SO EASY to incorporate into my life is dropping turmeric oil into my dishes OR my teas. I’m not kidding, sometimes I even keep the little bottle in my purse if I know I’ll be out and about during the day. Surely there will be a time when I stop for tea and all I gotta do is whip it out and add some drops!

Plus– the Ancient Nutrition brand tastes so so good. Incredibly fresh. The only thing I hate about turmeric is you have to be so careful not to get it on your hands, clothes, or countertops because that shiz WILL stain.

3. Build up that collagen and get extra protection during the day.

Holy cow– one of the best discoveries I have made in my skincare obsessed life has recently been VITAMIN C in the form of POWDER.

You may or may not know that vitamin C is one of the BEST things you can put on your face. Especially during the day because it helps to combat free radicals. It ALSO helps boost collagen production. I take collagen and I apply collagen-boosting topicals every day.

The thing about vitamin C is that it’s very hard to stabilize in a product. Meaning- it is VERY easy for the molecular structure to change thus compromising the efficacy of the product. Vitamin C also oxidizes easily as well. Which totally sucks. Because vitamin C products can be so expensive and half the time you don’t even REALLY know if it’s doing its job.

Vitamin C in powder form (you just mix it with a serum or oil) means a WAY MORE STABLE and WAY MORE FRESH product. I really love what True Botanicals has created and I really believe in their line. They are organic, they use the purest of ingredients, and they are ahead of the game with technology. Also, their Vitamin C booster lasts a LONG time (this line is expensive– I won’t sugar coat it. The fact that it will last most likely at least 6 months makes it worthwhile for me.) HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

That’s what I am loving right now! As always– I use NO affiliate links but I do appreciate you supporting by continuing to read and trust The Violet Fog content!

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