When it comes to fitness trends… as far back as I can remember… first it was the YOGI’s.

They talked about yoga 24/7 and everyone had to try yoga! “It’ll change your life!!”

Then there came the cross fitters. Holy smokes was/is that a culture in and of itself. Nothing CrossFit people like talking about more than CrossFit.

And now… now there are the indoor cyclists. And I’m mainly looking at you, SoulCycle.

**By the way– the original header artwork is done by my talented friend Sarah Koff who makes the COOLEST pieces ever. She created this collage JUST for this article!**

I never got into yoga. Crossfit is definitely not my thing.

And spin…. f*ck no. Sorry, but F*CK NO. And please spin people… lay off. lol

When I tell cyclists I don’t like spin, I swear to God their eyes pop out of their head. “BUT WHY?!? It’s the best workout ever!!”

Well it might be the best workout ever to them, but it sure as hell is not to me. “No you just haven’t tried the right class! You need to try SoulCycle!”

I 100% do NOT want to try SoulCycle. “But SoulCycle is an experience not just a workout!!”

Holy moly are they aggressive about it. I have never had fitness enthusiasts push so hard to get me to try a certain class than cyclists have.

So you really want to know why I don’t want to try your spin class? lol… let me break it down for you. (I love you cyclists, I know you mean well… so take this humorously okay! If anything, I’m jealous I can’t hang with you during such an intense workout.)

I did try a spin class once. With a padded seat and fun music and everything. And an instructor that everyone loved.

…I could barely walk for three days after. My crotch was practically numb AND MY ASS and you know what? That’s just something I don’t want to experience again.

Another reason: Spin is a SWEATY CLASS. And the last thing I want is to be pedaling in close proximity to drenched Joe Schmo over there who, with one whip of his arm or flip of his head, will straight up SPLASH me in the face. NO. I don’t think so.

The bouncing up and down motion of being on the bike– not my favorite. Annoys me. There are SO MANY OTHER fitness classes- why do one that I don’t enjoy? Just let me live, cyclists! I’d rather do pilates. Something that doesn’t get my brain rattling.

THEN. The seemingly over caffeinated cycle instructors. (Not all of them, I know.) It’s just…. it’s a little too much for me. Personal thing. And me? I don’t like high five-ing people in class. Get your sweaty ass palms away from me. Haha. I’ll thumbs up you instead. Point at you with finger guns and a wink or something. lol.

I get camaraderie amongst a group and all that but… I don’t know, I just kind of prefer to keep to myself in fitness classes. It’s how I’ve always been. So spin… once again- you’re just not for me! Way too collective.

I also don’t like go-go-go-harder-harder-harder kind of classes. I never have. I never will. I like enthusiasm but not TOO much. Again– that’s just ME… we all go at our own pace, you know? The super fast paced stuff just isn’t my jam. Slow and steady (but still hard)… is. That’s what I like. (This sounds sexual lol.)

Another thing, don’t you have to wear certain shoes at SoulCycle? Gross, I don’t want to rent shoes that have been on other people’s feet! Maybe I’m a germaphobe but…. okay yes I’m a germaphobe. Sue me! So once again- freaking NOT for me, cyclers. Nottttt for me. Reason 576 why I’m not taking your spin class, Linda.

To me, if you don’t enjoy something… no one should push you to do it. I tried it once, I’m not going to do it again. Sometimes one experience is all you need to make a decision. And I walked out of that class like, “Mmmm nope. Never again.” I have tons of friends who LOVE spin and that’s awesome! By now, they know not to ask me to join them lol. Because I won’t. And I’m firm on that. If you don’t want to join me at Pilates or Kettle Bell, then don’t! I seriously won’t ask you twice.

I guess I must add this as I close: I’ve never been into heavy “trends” when it comes to fitness. The more “cult” like something can be, the more I rebel against it. (Cult, for lack of a better word. I know you can enjoy spin and not be “of” that world or straight up obsessed with it.) So there’s that as well.

What do you guys think of spin or other trendy fitness classes? And by the way, I hope no one was offended! This piece was meant to be more humor than anything. Oh and Radhika will be writing about why she LOVES spin. We cover the whole spectrum at Violet Fog… it’s important to hear different perspectives.

Thank you again to the talented Sarah Koff for creating original artwork for us at VF! We love showcasing talented independent artists. This girl is incredible- check her website and her Instagram! So dreamy.

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    let me preface by saying that I am a spin instructor and I adore soul cycle (not where I teach). I think everyone should find workouts they enjoy and do that. If you hate it you won’t do it. Period. Reading your article I get the sense you feel judged by people when you say “no.” Otherwise I don’t know if you would care enough to write the article. Like something seems to bug you on another level about whatever is going on with people/spin/you. And if that happens that’s wrong, people don’t need to judge how you choose to live your life, and clearly you do care about making healthy choices (which is the only thing people should who love you should are about, IMO). Anyways, I love Soul and I think spin can be incredibly cathartic but that’s me. you do you!

    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      Hi Erica! Thank you for your comment. 🙂 I wouldn’t say I feel judged at all in those classes- I think my main point was that people can be so pushy with what works for them, thinking others will love it as well. I’m happy all my spin-loving friends have their class! And truly believe it is cathartic for them as you say. Just isn’t for me hehe. Thank you again for chiming in! Always great to hear other perspectives. -Katey

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    Robin Anderson

    Thank you Katey – I COMPLETELY agree…the problem is the cultish nature of a LOT of our western world “stuff.”


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